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CGR Undertow – CRYSIS 3 review for PlayStation 3

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  1. Wasn’t the first crysis game an open world kind of game while crysis 2 and
    3 got more linear.

  2. Any one wanna game share I’ll trade this game for any black ops 1 map pack
    except for moon 

  3. i am downloading this right now. free on ps plus.

  4. Free on PS Plus starting today!

  5. dude what an insult review.
    CGo play crysis 1, and warhead, then you will have a clue in what crysis 3
    really is about

  6. Roxas Crossheart

    i just got crysis 3 and the update just corrupts and it says i have to keep
    deleting and re downloading it to get tit to work but never does any ideas?
    or did i just end up waiting money…

  7. I don’t like the game. The story had me confused all the way through and
    the gameplay needs many improvements in my opinion. Like with the bow. Why
    can’t you just press left to change the ammo type. Having to hold done
    select just took me out the game and the ammo capacity for arrows was so
    low I never wanted to use it. And I hated how the super jump,max armor, and
    cloaking used the same energy bar. If you cloak and then power jump it
    takes so much energy away. Power jump shouldn’t even take any energy. And
    stealth in the game is almost pointless since you can’t really hide and if
    you cloak you may have time to kill 2 guys if your lucky before your energy
    has to recharge. the game was just not that fun for me 

  8. 5 dollars right now for PSplus users. On sale. 

  9. Proteus and crysis thanks for the garbage psplus

  10. i played this game and it was crap

  11. Nope, Warhead is.

  12. British accents? Don’t you mean English accents?

  13. Fuck all the pc fan boys, xbox all the way, baby:)))

  14. So, anyone else see that the description says “a CGR Ucndertow review
    of…”? Great review, btw.

  15. right, i dont have allot of money and even my piece of shit pc can run
    games at better fps and quality than a console… not to say i dont like my
    console but dont go bullshitting about paying more for a pc

  16. Will-metal Gonda

    You’re kindof late…

  17. Spider's Gaming Arcadia

    This game is good on PC, X360 or PS3 so will you morons please quit your

  18. AHH i hate this game

  19. CornishCreamtea07

    Because we are not all PC elitists.

  20. the pc version looks much better ^^

  21. How fucking sad kid

  22. Ucndertow

  23. Hahaha mortality, existentialism, british accents wtf

  24. TheAwesomeTRex Drakulevski

    I just love how Derek (not sure If the name is spelled like that) focused
    on the story. I mean you have a ton of FPS shooters out there that are
    basically worthless! And the number one reason for that is the lack of
    storytelling skills on the developers side! Or! The fact that they
    completely ignore the story in order to make it into a generic money
    shitting multiplayer game! I had enough of those! And I’m gonna by me some

  25. prophet use to be a man until he came a body snacher when his dead

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