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Xbox One vs Playstation 4 CONTROLLER Comparison! New XB1 PS4 Game Pad (XB1 PS4 Controllers Review)

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  1. Ps4 is more for real gamers

    Xbox one is for familys (with the tv and other additions)

  2. You need small hands to love the ps4 controller

  3. I wish you would come up with a gamepad the same way the wii u did

  4. Ps4 is boss

  5. Grip: Xbox One
    Bumpers: Ps4
    Buttons: Xbox One
    D-Pad: Ps4
    Triggers: Xbox One
    Texture: Xbox One
    Thumb sticks: Both (despite the rubber peeling off of Ps4 sticks)

  6. I have had my PS3 for over 6 years, no major problems. However, my Xbox One
    was a sick mistake. The disk drive is breaking only after about 6 months of
    use, it’s making an annoying humming noise all the time while it’s on, and
    etc, etc. I’ve learned that the PlayStation consoles are a lot more stable.
    PS for the win.

  7. Hey i brought a gold chrome case skin for my ps4 pad online but when it
    arrived it looks to small and don’t fit over my controller so i emaild the
    company and they said its not a over the top case i gota take the front and
    back of my controller and replace it for my gold casing. Is it possible?
    Help sum1 pls

  8. In gta v when the police are chasing you, the ps4 light bar flashes red in
    blue like police lights. And in Farcry is green when you’re okay them red
    when you’re low on health. But I noticed two player LittleBigPlanet 3, when
    I played with my little brother, both the controllers lights were a peach
    color so I’m guessing it doesn’t always change colors depending on the
    player. But yeah cool features on the ps4 controller! 

  9. ps4 controllers the analog stick is to like sensitive, xbox controllers not
    so much i would buy a ps4 but the controllers are horrible in my opinion.
    so i went with xbox 1

  10. I hope you guys do realise the console wars is just some bullshit to boost
    sale rates

  11. I’ve gotta say I’ve grown to love the touchpad on the DS4. The one gripe I
    have with the Xbox controller is the shoulder buttons are a bit cramped.
    Both are great though.

  12. xbox one is boss

  13. Roberto Tacoronte

    Could someone please tell me which is the best one to play cod? Especially
    advanced warfare.

  14. Michael Harris

    How lazy do you have to be to make a point in a video saying ” it takes a
    ‘WHILE’ to hit the guide button.”

  15. Michael Dickson

    I’m a ps4 player but the xbox controller feels so much better imo

  16. SEANFULLER79 main videos

    EVERYONE STOP saying ps4 is better or Xbox 1 is you have your own opinions
    so EVERYONE stop complaining

  17. +TmarTn that micro USB port on the Xbox one controller is used with a micro
    usb cord to make it a wired controller. It’s basically a 2-in-1 controller 

  18. On the ps4 in gta 5 when the police is available it will glow red and blue

  19. both consoles got their ups and downs 

  20. Have you got xbox 360

  21. Anthony Cappella

    xbox one has good gaphics

  22. Ps4 is better in all ways!!!better games better graphics faster 

  23. Jorge Alberto Dominguez

    U need the touch pad on infamous sec son alot

  24. God damn we don’t wanna play math (ps4) PRESS TRIANGLE FOR MATH GAMES!!
    Most gamers need an xbox one I have 2 and 2 of each of my games to do
    system link with my friends

  25. xbox one videos

    the ps3 controller was like a peice of shit

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