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Is Forza 5 Better With A Steering Wheel? – Mad Catz Xbox One Steering Wheel Review

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    Anyone know any good vids like this one showing wheel use, with project
    On the X box one.

    Is it true that when using this wheel or the TX thrustmaster wheel with
    forza 5 there is a massive dead zone in the centre of steering? so it makes
    precision steering really tricky?

    Have mad catz released any software then yet to get rid of that over the
    top rumble you mentioned that happens when the rear wheels break traction?

  2. goerge chandler

    Play an fps with the wheel!

  3. Mexican jokes?

    Did you hear about the Mexican train killer?

    He had locomotives 

  4. MezzerliptikJay

    I never understand why these gaming wheels are so expensive, for 350 quid
    you could buy a second hand real car…

  5. Why does this video have dislikes, what is actually wrong with this video

  6. a steering wheel that costs the same as the console? no thanks

  7. Alex DiRaffaele

    It upsets me that for the price, you’re not getting a clutch or H shifter.
    I’m greatly upset about this. Greatly. Awesome review though!

  8. top gear best car show ever made who agree ????

  9. It only has 2 pedals. So it does not have a clutch. You have paddle
    shifters on the steering wheel. How much does this run. Cause there are
    alot better ones out there with the 3 pedal. The paddle shifters are cool
    and all but I would want the floor shifter so I can practice on my power

  10. i would definately be sat there with my karting helmet on

  11. Nicholas Politis

    no clutch lmao 

  12. Blazinghamster

    What drove you to get this and what happens if your friend crashes at your
    place will this make them the third wheel drive and the idea of not having
    a seatbelt on it didn’t click when making this?. also i will wind up the
    windows that price is to much.

  13. AscendingDrive

    Thrustmaster TX is a much better wheel and its cheaper

  14. Why did the mexican drive his wife off a cliff???? Ta kiiiiilllhaaa!!!!

  15. Did you guys know that. Penis. 

  16. Wow you are really good at FORZA. Like god tier. 

  17. Is that aliasing normal?

  18. I wish the chair vibrated to. That would make it 100x more worth it

  19. David A Palmer

    Most driving games the physics engine is shit, the ONLY game that ever had
    real time physics was Geoff Crammonds Grand Prix. (I have been developing
    video games for over thirty years (not car racing games) and they still
    dont get it right? I have also in reality driven and ridden (Yamaha R1, and
    350bhp Impreza) on many tracks, including as a member of Nurburgring Riders
    Club… Shame Geoff C wont come back and re write the code!!

  20. +outsidexbox did you see any improvement in the vibration motor since you
    had the wheel? Can you lower the vibration setting and thus lower the noise
    or will that kill the feel of the rumble strips etc? thanks

  21. This one or the Thrustmaster one?

  22. I’d spend that type of money if it wasn’t made by fucking mad catz. That
    companies track record is all over the map in terms of quality. Some of
    their shit is the shit, and the other shit is just fucking absolute shit. 

  23. Nabbu of the Rio

    YAY! outsidexbox likes me! xD

  24. They need to do another speed stick like they did on the 360. Made Forza 4/
    Horizon much more involving without a huge price for a massive racing seat

  25. fucking racist go kill ur self:)

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