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Classic Game Room HD – TRANSFORMERS 2 for Xbox 360 review

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  1. I own both the first and this one and there actually really good

    Who ever agrees say I
    And who doesn’t please don’t be a hater

  2. hell yeah shockwave !

  3. The reviewer who really doesn’t review anything just state the obvious,
    “play as giant robots”

  4. Still the best Transformers game to this day.

    The environments are huge and completely destructible, nuanced gameplay,
    good graphics and more importantly each Transformer has a unique feel to
    him which makes replaying the (short)missions a joy.

    Well done Luxolux.

  5. Dragan Pop-Nikolovski

    I think TF WFC is the best, second TFROTF all the other games suck these
    two are the BEST!!!

  6. This game was the game that got me into gaming, Everytime i was sad, pick
    up my controller and play this game! No more people play online anymore so
    the camaign is all i got now :(

  7. this is the best one

  8. Leonard Briones

    This game was the best!!!

  9. This game was cat piss.

  10. Shakoor wazeer

    ITS BULLSHIT!!!!!!!!

  11. Hey you guys

  12. Sideswipe Prime

    Wait you can only be AUTOBOT OR DECEPTICON can you be both?

  13. I had the one for the ps2

  14. wow dont even get me started on missing transformers!!!!!

  15. Alexander Dragomirov

    @Rey333Misterio lets see mine. do you not know how to spell check? check!

  16. Clifford Productions


  17. Kerbal Pictures

    TF4 plz dont suck!

  18. 2:32 : Woo! Sideways! Audi R8! I love the Audi R8. Shame he only had a
    cameo role in the movie. Sideswipe basically cut my favourite car in half!

  19. Madeline Ganley

    How do u get to free-roam mode?

  20. @GamingDepartment thx

  21. Good review I love the old transformers especially soundwave I know about
    alot of he old transformers and I’m 12

  22. @2kbeast12345 people

  23. They should totally have hot rod (rodimus prime), Sound wave original form,
    Ultra magnus, and other people in a transformers video game

  24. I was a beast at the xbox demo. never bought the game.

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