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Console Unlock Download Free + Jailbreak Wii Console 4.3

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  1. Foxy from The Cove

    no u dont! i got it and i dont have it! your so

  2. ugh… stupid people, you do not describe what it actually is, it is a
    SOFTMOD and can fuck up your wii if you install it without knowing your
    shit, this is NOT as simple as they say.. morons

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  4. Dont need any games to get homebrew

  5. “Console Unlock Download Free” my ass.

  6. hopetoseeyou11

    Hey, you might be interested so i will just share this unlocknintendo-wii.

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  8. it’s so easy even a girl can do it

  9. i stil have my homebrew with no brick sense and i have a 160gb hard drive
    hooked up to it i enjoy it

  10. rebornthedemon

    You don’t need twilight to get home brew on the wii, this video shows it as
    well youtube(dot)com/watch?v=gAj7iMms1wg

  11. Martin davidson

    the chic is hot

  12. Google is your friend

  13. AnimeFanDeluxe

    Mailbomb is easyer and u dont need a game

  14. Bobbeh Derpson


  15. Well it’s a similar definition in the sense that your modifying it to use

  16. Can u get minecraft on wii?

  17. adrianwebster1000

    its not called jailbreaking they call it that when your doing it on a ios
    device like a iphone,ipad, or ipods

  18. Wilbert Hamilton

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