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The Gadget Show – Vita Slim Review

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  1. extrememonaXXX

    My only gripes with it is the memory card. Its ridiculously expensive
    compared to the standard Micro Sd card. 

  2. Alexander Tomlins

    720p in 2014 lol 

  3. only 720p? thought that this was ment to be the gadget show ahah 

  4. Is the screen brighter tho? Case the fat is definitely unplayable outside
    when it’s not even sunny.

  5. Oh my god why is he comparing the OS to android and ios, this is a video
    game machine. Smartphones are meant to be pocket computers, this is not.

  6. I love my Vita and these improvements sound great but its a shame about the
    screen downgrade.

  7. Ergonomics vs Better screen.

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