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Sony Ericsson XPERIA Play (aka PSP Phone) Review – Is This What We’ve Been Waiting For?

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  2. This review is mind numbing please have some enthusiasm 

  3. so can this piece of plastic play PS2 games simple YES or NO please

  4. Good review. I like the PIP videos.

  5. bluelaserwaves

    Cool phone, but i wish they make a new one

  6. can you play psp games on it?

  7. DroidLocks6971

    my first Xplay was plagued with button problems … the X,0,Triangle and
    Square would not map right with emulators put Igot a new replacement and
    all is well

  8. well anything does

  9. SO minecraft is on the Xperia, but not on PSN? Really?

  10. DroidLocks6971

    verizon store manager in Simpsonville South Carolina said all emulators are
    going to be removed from the android market

  11. I have iphone 4 and I bought this phone, thunderbolt, and incredible 2

  12. i have this phone!

  13. what about ur i phone??? btw its cole

  14. DroidLocks6971

    What is an NGP

  15. @MunchingOnPussy yah buddy god of war ftw!

  16. It would be epic if you could play CoD on it. 😀

  17. MiniMooBlueShoes

    i like looking at a phone

  18. skullsaredead43

    I was probaily the first to buy this since my brother works at playstation
    world and its only 100 dolers

  19. They do come with Playstation Games. On the PSStore. Crash Bandicoot,
    Twisted Metal, etc.

  20. @skullsaredead43 I think the someone in the developing team probably had it

  21. This phone is best Eva play all games Atari to PS1 Minecraft androi games
    psp games fuck Samsung

  22. Great Job! I’ll stick with the IPhone.

  23. Al Coholic C. Manthrower

    @Serenarian090 or god of war?

  24. RadioPlayer1997

    Yep, iphone is lower in sound with the mic

  25. psp + cell phone + android?, i’ll efinitely buying this.

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