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Amazon FireTV Stick: Unboxing, Setup & Review

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  1. hey great review! i think i’ll buy one of these thanks to your review!

  2. The Fire Stick is on sale at best buy right now for 25$

  3. It’s HDMI, not USB.

  4. Mine should arrive on the 2nd!!
    Couldn’t beat it for $20.00!

  5. Can you mirror something from your computer ? Or on the phone with it ?

  6. Jonathan Espinoza

    Nice Review

  7. I’m still trying to figure out why we need more of these. 

  8. Can you play Fibbage on the Fire TV stick?

  9. Do you need prime to use this


    How much copyright issues did u have after this?

  11. Hallo, can you upload video of youtube video streaming app on Amazon fire
    TV,? Thank you

  12. Chris Hershwitzky


  13. what if those don’t work in my country i.e. Hulu? will it still play it?

  14. Great review. Thank you so much.

  15. good review. I’ve been thinking about getting one. You highlighted pretty
    much everything I’m interested in.

  16. Do you need to have a subscription to amazon prime tv

  17. can you open a chrome browser in it?

  18. Samuel Ballinger

    Hey thunder, when are you releasing the Samsungntab s winner? I really want
    to win!

  19. Great performance running 8-bit games! Much better than my 26-year-old Sega
    Genesis =). I love the fact that it comes with a remote control, unlike the
    Chromecast. Good review! 

  20. That sonic game tho 🙂 Brings back memories especially when I hear that
    music 🙂 

  21. Jan 15th??? I can order from staples today. What did you mean? 

  22. Dude, push down to roll, come on !

  23. Are Fandor or Mubi available as apps on the Fire TV devices?

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