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CGRundertow GRAND THEFT AUTO: CHINATOWN WARS for Nintendo DS Video Game Review

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  1. I have Chinatown Wars on both PSP & Nintendo DS.
    I haven’t played them for a long time at this point, but I did play them
    for many hours back in the past.
    Chinatown Wars is a fun game & not a bad as an Grand Theft Auto game.
    Hopefully we’ll see another GTA made on the 3DS and/or Vita.

  2. Best gta ever 

  3. This game is still so fun. Its so distinctively grand theft auto but also
    so unique compared to the console versions. I just bought a copy of this
    off Amazon last week to relive my childhood memories of digitally slanging
    powders and pills and crashing cop cars. I love the radio stations too!

  4. the best way to play this game. psp go connected to hd tv with bluetooth
    ps3 controller, pure bliss. i hate swapping from buttons and touchscreen on
    the ds amd the graphics are far behind psp

  5. This guy is wrong!

  6. FirstGentleman1

    I enjoyed it very much. Cool game.

  7. Ctw is so dumb

  8. ana xuzmiashvili

    are you kidding me!! look at the grand theft auto 4 or 5 and you will see
    that is horrible

  9. Since Chinatown didn’t sell well 🙁 I doubt we’ll see a new one on a

  10. Commodorefan64

    True no other GTA is as good as the PC version of Vice City, but this is
    still a really awesome game for a handheld machine, and one that needed
    some more adult games at the time of Chinatown Wars release, and a shame it
    did not sell more copies, cause if it did, there might have been a DS
    and/or 3DS squeal.

  11. zachery santiago

    just let it go it’s not worth it

  12. tj, everyone know mega man 2 is better than 3, silly

  13. it was in the ds first and not everyone owns a psp thats why (plus its the
    exact same game and cheaper)

  14. If you added me post your friend code and I will add you back

  15. You guys should do a review of Reccetear if haven’t already, it is a
    charming little PC game.

  16. this was better than those 3d gta games on psp, there was much more to do
    in chinatown wars, for example the drug dealing in this game is so fun, you
    can also ride in taxi’s, manually hotwire cars, play the lottery, eat a hot
    dog,order ammunation guns over the internet and have them delivered to your
    house, ect. and the city was bigger than both liberty city stories and vice
    city stories combined because it’s the SAME CITY from gta 4,

  17. hey isn’t that game like rated A for adults only?

  18. jacketsj: the guy with a long name that will wipe you off the earth because I eat children

    used to play this, then i played gta4.

  19. Andy Kochanowski

    I love TJ’s reviews. I enjoy his vocabulary and smart referencing of other
    material. Or materia. People shouldn’t be so negative!

  20. Not as good as the PS2 classics, but I prefer it to GTA IV

  21. My favorite GTA game to date

  22. screw this

  23. oh yeah I totally forgot about that,thanks for pointer that out.

  24. You’re awful at driving.

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