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Alienware 17 2014 VS MSI GT70 DOMINATOR – Gaming laptop Battle – Tech specs comparison 2014

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  1. audio was corrupted by stupid claim, sorry for that, cannt do nothing about
    it :/ éí=žýťčý=čšéí

  2. ModernGamingEra

    The MSI GT70 Dominator is a bit cheaper than the Alienware 17. But even
    better, both laptops have quad RAM slots that can hold up to 32GB max
    memory, can handle an Intel Core i7 4910MQ processor, and hold an NVIDIA
    Geforce GTX 880M 8GB graphics card.

  3. ImportantStuff

    the msi looks so fucking ugly, atleast the alienware isnt made of cheap
    shitty materials. its made of metal and carbon fiber. the msi is made of
    cheap ass plastic that cracks in half if you drop it 5 inches

  4. Tracy Mendiola

    I own the MSI Dominator-895 and it came with a better CPU than the product
    description. Amazon said that it came with the “Intel Core i7-4800MQ” but
    when I check the System specs on the Control Panel it says that I have the
    4810. I looked it up to see if this was a mistake and it turns out that
    everyone else with the same model came with the 4810. So actually MSI beats
    the Alienware in the CPU battle by even more!

  5. I have the MSi GT70 Dominator Pro, and it was a toss up between these two
    computers. I initially bought the Alienware because my desktop is an
    Alienware, but it cost me $3,800.00 for the build I was going with. I
    cancelled that shit and looked into MSi. I bought this computer for
    $2,600.00, with BETTER spec’s for 1,200.00 less then I would have spent on
    the Alienware. This computer is fucking amazing.
    Specs are:

    Windows 8.1
    CPU: Intel Core i7-4910MQ @ 3.1GHz, turbo boost to 3.9GHz
    GPU: NVidia GeForce GTX880M
    Ram: 16GB Kingston DDR3 @ 1600MHz
    Hard Drive: 256GB SSD boot in Raid 0, +1TB
    Display: 1920x1080p Full HD anti-glare display
    I included the improved cooling for my system.
    I built this same rig with slightly less options on the Alienware website
    and it cost substantially more. Also, it would have taken a month to get
    the computer from Alienware.
    When I bought this computer, from the moment I paid for it to the day I got
    it(which they upgraded my delivery to overnight for no cost, shipped on a
    saturday), it took 3 days. 3 DAYS!!! ALSO, I spoke to a person INSIDE THE
    USA, and THEY SPOKE ENGLISH PERFECTLY. When I bought Alienware, I spoke to
    a fucking indian in god knows where, who I could barely understand.

    If you are on the fence about which one to buy and are looking for the
    better computer for the better price, I would buy MSi without a second
    thought. This is coming from someone who loves Alienwares and owns a
    desktop Alienware. As always, it is your call of course.
    BTW, I have yet to come across a game that I can’t play on Ultra settings
    with ease.
    I play Battlefield, Crysis, Watchdogs, World of Warcraft, Starcraft and

  6. I have newer MSI and my friend has newer alien ware but mine runs way
    faster and his disk drive is broken is weird and won’t run half the disks
    he uses. :P

  7. Minecraft Dragonz//// Bobplaysgames

    4th Generation Intel® Core™ i7-4940MX processor (Quad Core, 8MB Cache, up
    to 4.0GHz w/ Turbo Boost) You for that one

  8. Gt70 fucks the alienware m17 in the asshole

  9. Alienware FTW

  10. Tracy Mendiola

    Great overall video but in “PORTS – SLOTS” the MSI is slightly better,
    because all of the ports are in very comfortable places and has a VGA, and
    the prices are lower for the MSI compared to the Alienware on many sites
    like Amazon and Best Buy (good selling websites)

  11. Regarding storage, wouldn’t MSI be a better choice instead of been equal?
    With MSI you’re running one SSD & one HDD not just with 1TB of space but
    also running at 7200rpm compared to the m17 with no option just 5400?


    Alienware is better

  13. I like the Alienware 17 but i do have the i7 4910mq with GTX 880m 8gb and
    32gb ram it is insane i cant complain as of yet but this person that posted
    this video where the hell did this (sealed liquid cooling) come from? as i
    have looked everywhere and i cant find nothing that backs up this? 

  14. Nipuna Samarasinghe

    Alienware = Just way 2 overrated & ugly as fuck lol …

  15. giorgi vasadze

    alienware is much better

  16. I just got an MSi GT60, which is simply a smaller version of the GT70 and
    it is amazing!

  17. I purchased an MSI Dominator Pro, but a customized version, I changed it to
    i7 4910, thats the same as Alienware 17 for the processor, right?

  18. Murk Ambiguity

    hey guys, i’ll be starting college soon and I do graphics designing, and 3D
    modeling, and that makes it pretty obvious that I need a great computer.
    Apparently I am in the Asian region, the Alienware computers here are too
    overpriced for what you get, so I was wondering, if I would by chance buy
    the Alienware from Amazon global shipping, would I still be able to get the
    full support in my region? Or do I need to buy it from my region only in
    order to get the full support?

  19. alienware has a nice look

  20. I like the look of the msi gt70

  21. Like+Sub! Keep it up!! ^_^

  22. msi gt70 dominator pro is very better and strong

  23. Felix Denny- One

    There seemed to be a problem with audio fading in and out.
    Good vid though

  24. Nicolas Lavigne

    Alienware is the best anyway! It’s expensive but there is the quality! Asus
    apparently it’s not a good quality and the MSI is very ugly….

  25. Charlon Spiteri

    Can someone tell me the release date of the alienwere17?

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