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CGR Undertow – SAINTS ROW IV review for PlayStation 3

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  1. The Undertow DVD is almost at 50%!!! Will you be the one to help us reach
    our goal early?

  2. I’m surprised that the Classical music station is mentioned here, but not
    how Zinyak, the villain, HOSTS IT alongside the monotone news reporter who
    may be straight out of Family Guy. The two even read Shakespeare! This love
    of The Renaissance and later artistic movements makes Zinyak all the more
    lovable, not to mention his British swagger.

    And then he blows up Earth because that’s what intergalactic overlords do.
    On the bright side, it gives him reason to have a time machine that the
    Saints eventually use to check-out ancient civilizations.

  3. Why do people complain about the zaniness when it started out as a GTA
    clone. Damned if you do the same thing damned if you don’t do the same

  4. I wasn’t a huge fan of SR3, but I’ve been debating on this for a while
    since GTAV left a big turd in my mouth and Watch Dogs was mediocre at best.
    I think I’m gonna have to finally break down and get this just for some

  5. I googled Spiderman nipples when I heard him say Spiderman had to deal with
    I can’t believe i missed Kirsten Dunst’s nipples in the rain scene in the
    1st spiderman movie, but Iw as a kid then and all innocent…thank you

  6. no mention of the terrible framerates, the freezes, the game breaking bugs?

  7. Corzar Ramasama

    I would like this game more if it wasn’t so glitchy. I can’t even fiddle
    around with the menus without the game crashing. 

  8. SuperDankitydank

    2:57 anytime I hear ergo I think of that will ferrel matrix parody lol

  9. 4th Saints Row is very fun game.
    I don’t mind the big change from Gangster Story to Battle Against Aliens
    I think this was a great change, because it fits to the game’s humor.
    I do have to admit that the super powers may be too much for this game.
    They do make the game someway unbalanced.
    Still this is a great fun for me & I’m so happy to have this on my

  10. PrototypeKnuckles

    Dont care what anyone says sr4 and even 3 were fun, it’s just pure wacky
    fun and not another super serious game

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