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  1. halo is garbage. best exclusive my ass

  2. Halo master chief. 4 games you already played a few times over. Yeah. No

  3. I think the xbox one system is faster and better

  4. It took me Less than 10 minutes to download Sunset Overdrive. Which is a
    really good game, for multi plays get a PS4, for exclusives XB1.

  5. Psn is down almost 24/7, and got hacked by a bunch of 12 year old anonymous
    members lmao

  6. Halo Collection looking better than Last of Us Remastered? Don’t think so

  7. Franklin Clinton

    i have a PS4 

  8. Cole B. Truscott

    Thank you!!! I showed my dad this video and he said he would buy me one

  9. Why the PS4 is better. The controller is more advanced and more
    comfortable. Better Exclusive/Free To Play games, More Powerful/Better
    Hardware,Cheaper Console,PS+ is cheaper and superior than Xbox Live in
    every way. With exclusive features such as SharePlay! The Hard-drive on the
    PS4 is up-gradable unlike the Xbox One. The PS4 Design is much
    sleeker/better looking and doesn’t require a Big power brick unlike the
    Xbox One, PS4 has remote play with Vita and cellphones, The included PS4
    headset does voice commands the same as Kinect. Also Microsoft decided to
    completely abandon Kinect and there original Vision because Xbox one Sales
    are Terrible! I can go on and on….. About how more games run at a Higher
    Resolution and Framerate on the PS4 etc…

  10. The ps4 is complete garbage. I have both consoles and the ps4 controller is
    trash compared to the Xbox one’s controller. The ps4 exclusives are boring
    af u guys are all ugly 

  11. i want ps4 but xbox one is gonna be $80 cheaper on black friday. Dont know
    what to do

  12. Is it true ps4 is in a deep money hole 4 any big exclusives? Billions and
    billions of dollars negative?

  13. BeastCodPlayerBro

    1gb download holy shit

  14. The thing I don’t like about psn cuz I used to have one it is always bein
    hacked its always down and that caused me to get and Xbox wich never gets

  15. The share play feature is good in theory but the mode its self is terrible
    I can’t get a session to last longer than 10 minutes

  16. Dorcin Silverain

    I miss playing this game

  17. The reason the X1 is getting so many updates is due to the fact that it was
    initially revealed to be a multimedia device that also plays games which it
    does that. I only have a PS4 and I spend my time playing TLOU Remastered
    online (everyday, no PSN downtime whatsoever) but it has a lot of catching
    up to do in terms of software enhancements. I like the 2.00 update but
    still wondering when suspend/resume will make its way

  18. I only get xbox one for assassins creed unity as my dad has already got a


  19. Halo is the best game ever my decision is pretty obvious

  20. Nice video! It’s interesting because I have both but really enjoy my Xbox
    more ATM, Sports games seem to be suited for it perfectly

  21. Sunset overdrive is fun as hell. Unless your biased to other game types or
    don’t like pure fun you should def check it out. Its simply a great time. 

  22. PlayStation is king

  23. I’m going to buy one of this games. But I don’t know which one to get! Any

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