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GameSpot Reviews – Bulletstorm (PC, PS3, Xbox 360)

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  1. $4.99 on XBL, think I’ll buy it

  2. $3.99 at Steam

  3. One of the best FPS games I’ve ever played! Clearly the reviewers don have
    a sense of humour otherwise they would’ve liked it better. This game needs
    a fucking sequel 

  4. Wow.. it’s like i’m watching copy-paste of IGNs review.

    It’s a damn good game.

  5. first time i played this game… the second i finished it, the first thing
    i did was google to see if they had a sequel in mind lol…. love this
    game. most underated game ever… true story isny much and the dialogue is
    over the top… but that’s the fun part 😀 if i wanted good epic stories,
    id watch a movie, read a novel or play a diff game… but some times u just
    need those over the top games to ahve some good old fashion fun ^^

  6. Leonardo Montero

    one of the best shooter games!!

  7. this game runs butter smooth on pc =)

  8. Honestly, IGN reviewed this game similarly, but I don’t get the fuss. I
    understand these are probably computer geeks who are reviewing these games,
    but Christ, grow a pair, my four year old niece has bigger huevos.

    “It’s crass…maybe you should turn down your volume.” When you read a
    book, do you jump to the end? IGN didn’t get this and neither does
    Gamespot. These are supposed to be military personnel, not fast food
    restaurant employees. I was in the Army for 8 years and these simulated
    dialogues brought it all back for me. The raunchy talk and sexual banter is
    a way for soldiers to keep it light, take their minds off what they are
    doing or about to do, and get on with their day, maybe even with a smile on
    their face. Otherwise, they might just slit their fucking wrists after
    eating in the god forsaken mess hall. Yep, I guess I agree, it’s a bit
    sophomoric, but it’s conversations are more genuine then most war games

    Thankfully, they don’t show the other harsh realities of being a soldier,
    though they do address them, again, much to the makers credit. War games
    are fun, too fun sometimes, and they often make fun or too light of a
    subject that is in actuality far too horrific for words and levity. It is
    nice to have a game remind us that it isn’t all bang, bang, kiss, kiss.

    I played the shit out of this game, and only have a few comments in the
    red. All in all, I’d give Bulletstorm a huge 8.5, 9. Gameplay was
    incredibly smooth and fun. Many thanks to People Can Fly and Epic Games,
    I’ll be playing this one over and over and over. Next up, multiplayer.

    That’s my story and I’m sticking to it. Peace! Мир! Paix! Frieden! Paz!

  9. HollatotheBalla

    Basically FPS Gears of War. Even got the Beserker.

  10. I’m thinking of picking this game up for $10, is it worth it?

  11. big.m.f.punisher!

    Very underrated and overlooked title. Just picked this up recently for $6
    brand new in a bargain bin at Toys R Us. What a steal! Haha

  12. Scumlord the LXIXth

    I like how he says “the best character” and “the most interesting weapon”
    as though it’s not opinionated. I think I’ve found something worse than

  13. I really want a sequel for this game.

  14. Is it Buzzlight Year?

  15. this is the difference between all cod games,the guns look different,and
    the map look slightly dif.(except for cod 4)

  16. the guy with the balck hair i have heard his voice before but acnt remember

  17. Totally, grab it while you can. I mean for 5 bucks? It’s definitely worth

  18. They canceled bullet storm 2 it was in its initial stagesvbut they canceled

  19. Swapped mvc3 for this game havent played it yet but the demo seemed fun so
    i hope it actually is.

  20. Steve Blum voices about a thousand different animated characters the most
    biggest of which are probably Spike from cowboy bebop and just about every
    wolverine check him out on Imbd for the whole list which and I kid you not
    is massive I notice his voice everywhere, he did the voiceover for ghost
    recon future soldier I firmly believe he posseses one of the most badass
    voices of all time.

  21. Apparently it didn’t sell well enough. So there isn’t going to be a sequel.

  22. My favorate game

  23. I loved this game. the crassness was one of the best parts

  24. i just buy it today gonna go hard in the game soon xD

  25. also rytlock brimstone in gw2

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