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Console Review: Zone 40 (wii clone) 1/2

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  1. Reminds me of the heap of shit Reactor Mega Drive

  2. Vidas corrientes


  3. Good review, for some reason you remind me of ashens :D

  4. AriaBlaze224's backup

    Lol they had something like this, but it had Sega games. THE ONLY SONIC

  5. My friend got one of these for Christmas, he thought it would be cool and
    sexy like the Wii, he was sadly mistaken.

  6. KillswitchNTMinus

    True that…lol

  7. @Braden123135 I paid £14 for this, about $25 :o)

  8. 7:24 swastika……wtf

  9. @Saltydko I was taking the michael, that’s why my mouth twitches when I say
    it lol :o)

  10. Michael's Retro Game Reviews

    great review i realy enjoyed it : ) this console looks cool, sega is
    bringing somethink similar out called the sega zone and will have somethink
    like 40 game on it and all the 16bit sonic games as well it’s comeing out
    sometime this summer here.

  11. Highretrogamelord

    Sword of Warrior was probably programmed by Nazis… In the upper left is a
    swastika and you pickup and throw swastikas…what the -?

  12. VicenteIbanez2620

    @Bitlandia the swatiska is a buddhist symbole for good fortune your dumb

  13. DavidusRaccoonus

    That instruction manual was small and looked like it was hard to read.

  14. @atombat Yes, they had probably just nicked the bugger :o)

  15. @joeycrazy100 you can get these cheap now for a fiver.the wii 100 pounds
    brand new this is not.not a bad toy for kids

  16. KillswitchNTMinus

    Runs on a 16bit system m8(FYI)

  17. oh man oh man oh man i need to go to family dollar and pick me one of those
    up!!!!!!!! hahah it kind of reminds my of those little joysticks that have
    pac man and others

  18. @pocketmego The knockoffs are coming for you mego, it’s a conspiracy!!!! :o)

  19. @ConkerBFDman How many times…….this is not made by sega :o(

  20. @DavidusRaccoonus That’s strange, looked perfectly clear to me :o)

  21. @krull1981 A fine solution for those with the know how :o)

  22. 15 min game … 5 to 6 levels LOL

  23. @misterintellivision Thanks Mi, took me about a month to get the green
    screen working properly :o)

  24. @vinnieblacklodge Well when I picked this up, the woman at the car boot
    told me it was ‘identical’ to the wii, I nearly spit my tea out as I knew
    she was talking animal poo, but I bought it anyway because I knew exactly
    what it as and thought it would be a bit of fun lol

  25. @vinnieblacklodge They probably were lol, but for the price of this system,
    you can’t really complain ‘too’ much lol :o)

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