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Your First Look at Borderlands 2 on PS Vita

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  1. This looks so shitty

  2. goddamn other vita games looks so much better than this. wtf.

  3. I prefer the 3DS and I know that it’s games usually look better on the
    actual handheld than on a video where it’s stretched. The same might be
    said for this game. Who knows, it’ll probably look better on the actual

  4. eliasstyle Van games

    I play this game on ps vita and it looks 100× beter !!!!!

  5. FRANKIEonWCin240p

    Is it 2003 already?

  6. Rasheed Gonzales

    Wanna play borderlands on the vita? Add me psn: ricoguy565

  7. is this dude’s name seriously Colin Moriarty?

  8. My borderlands never crashes, i play day and night farming bosses and shit.

  9. paulsm1997able

    Cant believe this will be running in my hands, this and killzone mercenary
    really have set a bench mark for portable gaming. Regardless of sales this
    is a big moment 

  10. Switch to the small player to get a better idea of how this will look. It
    is very good for a handheld.

  11. bring on minecraft, ill be content once i own this and minecraft on my vita

  12. Look wise it looks great. I know ppl is goin to compare it to the console
    or pc version (which is stupid). I looks like borderlands 2 on a
    handheld…….a handheld ppl not a console…

  13. I haven’t played Borderlands for a while. I’ve been clean for months. But I
    think I’m about to fall off the wagon…

  14. PantiesOfHellTheRevolutionOfADevilNamedNoOne

    sad how this game runs better on ps vita than in my pc….

  15. This is running off a tiny handheld. Borderlands 2 has a huge open world,
    Many enemies within an area, Millions of guns (I think around 17,000,000
    guns) within the game, 30+ hour campaign, many side missions as well,
    vehicles, and 6 DLC packs. ALL ON THE GO. It’s pretty hard to believe how
    Iron Galaxy put a lot of effort into fitting this huge ass game onto a
    small portable. The vita is amazing!

  16. Coolman Coolman

    i feel like its not going to succeed 

  17. Gordon Freeman

    I love the vita but this port is pretty terrible, the gameplay itself is
    alright and up to scratch with a pc verson but the fps is so choppy, it’s
    nearly unplayable.

  18. What kind of idiot is going to buy this on their Vita? Especially when it’s
    a lot better just to play it on your console in front of a big tv. I know
    this is a console port on to a hand held but what Moriarty is saying does
    not translate well to what we’re seeing on screen. The game looks a lot
    worse than he’s trying to make it seem. And most importantly gameplay will
    be affected due to the controls. Btw pretty sure most people use a vita in
    their house anyway. I actually don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone use a vita
    in public lol. I understand buying a vita for the vita exclusive games but
    a console port?

  19. Hahaha my phone have better graphic in games :P. Ps vita sucks as hell

  20. I would probably prefer skyrim if it’s on vita

  21. Despite being a PS fanboy, i really regret getting a Vita. Haven’t got a
    game for it since Soul sacrifice last year

  22. I find it hilarious, and also pathetic, that people would say graphics look
    bad blah blah blah when they use the argument that it’s not about graphics,
    it’s about gameplay when it comes to their platform is only outputting 720p
    or 900p on a certain game where as on others it’s higher.

  23. Remove the black outlines to boost the frame rate.

  24. I definitely aren’t one of them PC Master Race people, but even I felt how
    on earth did I put up with it even on the PS3. I turned all the settings up
    and it’s really gorgeous and runs so smoothly and it really benefits from
    it. I can see how people describe it like having a mult-platform game to
    the DS. But in the games defense, it is a port and I imagine if they made a
    Borderlands game just for the Vita, it would probably look way better.

    I’m not bothered by the graphics, but some of the controls and the FPS put
    me right off after playing it like I have on other platforms.

  25. This looks like shit. After seeing these videos, I doubt I’ll even waste my
    time with it. Rather than porting over BL2, which is nearly two years old
    and just doesn’t seem like a good “fit” for the Vita, I really wish they’d
    created a really good, exclusive Borderlands game for the system instead.
    (See: How Killzone Mercenary was handled.)

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