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Classic Game Room – Ys SEVEN for PSP review

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  1. DarkStarAngelo

    If they re-released this for the 3DS, then this would sell the 3DS even
    more than it already is because it looks like a fantastic RPG that I would
    love to get my hands on but since I don’t have a PSP then I guess I may
    just have to save up for one, I know they aren’t that expensive today but

  2. God I love this game.

  3. Eh, I just want to mindlessly ram into monsters and enjoy some redbook
    sound tracks.

  4. Jonathan Curtis

    Why would anyone think it’s pronounced “wise”? I first encountered this
    series with Ark of Napishtim, and having never heard of the series before,
    I never thought that. I’ve always pronounced it “eese” (like geese, but
    without the g). And then, I saw some video of one of the games, and when
    the title came up, it was indeed pronounced like I had always said it. The
    “s” has a harder sound that the way you are saying it.

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