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Nintendo Wii Console Guide and Review

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  1. What so many people overlook and what the Wii is best for is the backwards
    compatibility. It natively supports Gamecube games/controllers/memory cards
    and thanks to Virtual Console buying a Wii is pretty much buying every
    Nintendo console ever released (except handhelds of course).

    That was the primary selling point to me. I know there wouldn’t be many
    native titles for me to play but just for the previous generation titles it
    was more than worth it.

  2. Who needs this review it’s easy to use one 

  3. I have owned both for 3 years now and I hate the ps3 and love the wii

  4. people have freedom to choose what consoles they want to purchase. so stop
    saying “the wii sucks, buy ps3/360”

  5. SteviePee OutDoorLife

    Just now getting one, for the kids,so glad to see this review 🙂

  6. i just noticed K-9 in the back

  7. Finally! Some who actually reviews the console ITSELF!! THANKS!

  8. how gay is this gay dick

  9. XxStuntMontagexX

    what program for edeting?

  10. the wii is terrible buy ps3

  11. my senser bar on the Wii is haunted cause I was watching Netflix’s on it
    and the hand of the remote got on my nerves and I unplugged the senser bar
    and it keep moving and I point it at my mirror and I saw the hand on my TV
    and I was like wtf that is creepy true story

  12. im so getttting one

  13. I did originally but had to cut it out as video was running too long. The
    shopping channel’s all pretty straightforward…you buy wii points with
    your credit card (or you can buy them in shops) and download games to your
    console. 🙂

  14. classicrockguy1977

    nice review however most people don’t think about people who can’t see so
    well. i have a wii and my vision is not so good. anyway i like the wii but
    the sensor bar is what i hate. because i have to be so far away from the tv
    and i CAN’T SEE THE SCREEN. that is why i don’t play much wii i’m just
    trying to say if your vision is bad don’t buy one

  15. AWESOME Stephen Fry! Did you make that one on your own, and if you did can
    you make a tutorial please? Also, I’m from America, and there’s a big
    difference between dumb and cheated. I’m pretty sure anyone in their right
    mind would want that.

  16. Thanks! Yeah, it’s been out a while but I’m sure there’s still lots of
    people who don’t have one…especially as it’s marketed at people who don’t
    usually buy video games / consoles.

  17. DO NOT BUY unless u have a kid.

  18. To bad you can’t find the gun in America…because America is fucking dumb
    like that : /

  19. DANG. Nice quality camera. But kinda late to do this kind of video cause
    the console’s been out for along time. But nice guide though

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