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Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II (Xbox 360) Review by Mike Matei

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  1. Me: It’s a damn shame no one made a Star Wars character action game.

    Person: But the Force Unleashed was character act-

    Me: Yep. A damn shame no one made one. 

  2. I’ll never know why some people hate Mike’s reviews so much.
    They may not be as comedic as James’ reviews but at least they’re better
    than anything IGN puts out.

  3. AgeOfSuperboredom

    Why is the main character of this game (and for that matter, every
    character after the original trilogy) a thousand times more powerful and
    skilled than Luke Skywalker?

  4. InternetWithoutTrash

    For Xbox 360. Instant dislike cause Force Unleashed II is not an exclusive
    and there is zero point playing it on a box instead of PC.

  5. Awesome review Mike please review “Five Night’s At Freddy’s” so that my
    friend can change his opinion about you

  6. Fair review apart from a few points of lacking knowledge. This game is a
    spectacle fighter, as some call them, and can’t really be compared to
    something like Castle Crashers without looking silly. A closer comparison
    would be Devil May Cry or Bayonetta, both games with long and spectacular
    fight scenes, hence the name.

    And also the comparison to fighting games was just…wrong =/ the finishers
    are done in what’s known as a quick time event or QTE, a scripted event
    popularized by God of War and abused to sickening levels by games like
    Ryse: Son of Rome.

  7. Mike’s reasoning for not liking the story, I think, is kind of wrong
    because as you proceed throughout the game it insinuates that he may
    actually not be a clone but the original Starkiller. Unfortunately since
    the game didn’t do well I highly doubt we’ll ever get a Force Unleashed 3
    to find out. Oh and as a side note I have Force Unleashed 2 for both the
    360 and Wii and I have to admit that I had more fun with
    the Wii version and thought that it was actually better then the 360/PS3
    version. What I really liked about the Wii version was that it wasn’t a
    downgraded port but that it was it’s own game, made from the ground up, for
    the Wii. It’s the exact same story with the same cinematics (and exclusive
    in game cut scenes that expands on the story a little more) but the level
    designs and assets are all completely different, and the game itself is
    actually a bit longer then the 360/PS3 version. The 360/PS3 version clocks
    in at about 4 to 4 1/2 hours while the Wii version will take about 6 hours
    to complete. Not a huge difference but the extra length is appreciated. The
    boss battles are also completely different. You still have the same
    bosses found in the 360/PS3 version but they are fought against and taken
    down in completely different ways. It also has 2 exclusive force powers
    which are pretty cool (force rage and force sight) and a 4 player
    multiplayer mode that’s pretty much Smash Bros but with Star Wars
    characters (which is nothing but a plus and pretty damn fun). Red Fly
    Studio did a great job on it.

  8. Wait, Mike complains about finishers? Did he not play God of War? This game
    has “God of War” written all over it.

  9. Yeah I’d say it’s a pretty good time, story is complete and utter shit and
    the game is not close to being as long as Mike’s dick(seriously though holy
    fucking shit is that actually his dick in that picture!?!?).

    Honestly I’ve always enjoyed both FU games just for the ability of being
    able to fuck everything up with force powers, shit is super fun.

    Oh yeah, the story in the first FU was pretty good actually, this one is
    more fun to play though.

  10. NeutralGuyDoubleZero

    Mike those are called QTE’s. It’s not akin to any kind of fighting style,
    it’s just a thing called quick time events that were popularized by the god
    of war games. And this game is a terrific example of a stale hack and slash
    game. The only variety they throw at you are the specific attack enemies,
    giants, and walkers in order to make sure the game has any challenge at
    all. You start out ridiculously overpowered, practically steamrolling
    everything in your path until they introduce the sith and lightsabar
    enemies. And when they do, they CONSTANTLY re-use them. I was completely
    bored by the half way point as I fought the same enemies, with the same
    death animations, over and over and over. The story isnt downright
    terrible. The clone is literally like starkiller in every way. Same
    personality, memories, and powers. He deserves to be with the women he
    loves who also loves starkiller, (the person who is not different in anyway
    than the clone), in return. There are some cool concepts like the constant
    hinting whether or not starkiller is clone, and the voice acting is top
    notch, but the ending is just plain sequel bait with the good ending being
    a cliffhanger, and the bad ending raising even more questions that go
    unanswered. The game is pathetically short as well. This game is just
    barely above average considering it’s just so dissapointing in almost every
    regard besides the visuals which look almost next gen. 6/10

  11. I don’t want to sound like some kind of apologist or super-fan of this game
    (though I did enjoy it, at least a little), but to clear things up, the
    reason characters talk about how you can’t clone Jedi (and some other parts
    not mentioned in the review) are all there to put doubt in your mind as to
    whether Starkiller is actually a clone, or just the same guy brought back
    to life and tricked into thinking that he’s a clone so that he’s more
    easily controlled. Though the story can be a little… confusing, I thought
    that part, at least, was interesting.

  12. Despite having a weaker story, I still think Force Unleashed 2 was better
    than the original. Just my opinion though. Hopefully we can maybe get a
    Force Unleashed 3 at some point.

  13. 5:22 A beast? Apparently Mike doesn’t know what a Rancor is.

  14. best star wars games I’ve played (on pc) are jedi knight II and III.
    wish I would have not bought/played force unleashed II.
    In jedi knight I felt like a jedi with a powerful light saber.
    In force unleashed I felt like a total psycho with a stick.

  15. If the real person is dead and the clone is exactly the same as the
    original then it almost feels like the girl that loved him and his
    friends could simply be with the clone instead and it would be almost the
    same thing.
    Its still very sad that the original is dead of course but better to be
    with a clone than to lose the person completely.

  16. this game’s graphics are really good 

  17. You actually get to fight Boba Fett in TFU: Ultimate Sith Edition. Also,
    “No one can clone a Jedi”? In the novels, the Emperor has clones. The one
    that died on the Death Star was a clone.

  18. I really hate the cameos in these expanded universe things. It really makes
    you feel like each planet is no bigger than a set or a sound stage where
    all the stuff happens and all the characters live. Stupid fanservice.

  19. I got this game right when it came out, and I agree with all of your

  20. lol okay i expect alot of stupid shit in youtube comments, i will honestly
    admit i did not ever think i would walk into a game review and see a buncha
    dudes orgasiming over the fact mike may or may not have a huge dick based
    on some fucking facebook photo involving godzilla

    This is certinly the most bizzare youtube comments moment i’ve seen in
    awhiles, kudos???

  21. ░▄▄▄▄▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▄▄▄▄▄▄░░░░░░░

    CONGRATULATIONS you clicked read more …you are awesome !!!

  22. hate to say it, but both of these games are just awful. well gameplay wise
    at least, the basic idea of the story is actually kind of cool even if some
    of the finer points of the plot isn’t. i mostly played both of them for
    some easy gamerscore for as many achievements as i could get without
    driving myself insane.

  23. Force Unleashed was nothing more than poorly written Marty Stu bullshit
    that didn’t even play well.

    There’s my review.

  24. Force Unleashed 2: I’m on a never ending quest to save my girlfriend!

  25. I feel bad for all the people who bought this game at launch. $60 for a 4
    hour game is a ripoff.

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