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‘Fake’ Wireless Bluetooth Playstation 3 Dualshock Controller Review

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  1. I have 25 of these things and they all are still working… How hard y’all
    pressing the buttons?…battery life is great…love these fake
    controllers. Its been 3 years and all still with me…strange…

  2. they cost like £12 now on ebay, really cheap. the analogue sticks is quite
    good. its just when u playing a shooter games, its hard to move the
    analogue slowly with precision when ur aiming. but when ur using it
    casually to move around, its fine man.

  3. Gta San Andreas

    I have used this controller and it has great battery life. And you said
    that the analogue sticks are quite stiff and hard to push down, but they
    aren’t on mine. It’s great too if you’re paying COD actually. And I got
    mine for £8. 

  4. btw the sprint thing you were on about my pad i can sprint fine

  5. PyroFireworks010

    I’ve got one, the analogs aren’t good for playing Call of Duty

  6. I have to of those and I love it lol 

  7. 20 quid. I got mine for £8

  8. Phillip McConnochie

    of course th real question is does this work with pc games and th emu
    drivers for xbox360 (xbox controlleer emu.) another words yes to pc games
    but games like ‘evolve’ ?

  9. how do you connect it to the ps3?

  10. cartoonvideos5

    Yea CoD is a joke on these controllers those analog are garbage I bought a
    legit PS3 one much better. The battery life on the fake one is also pretty
    bad and it turns off super fast. The buttons have to be pressed super hard 

  11. I have an updated fake controller, it’s very hard to spot, the most
    efficient test its the screws’s shape and battery color

  12. This controller is a pile of shite it lasted a day then died and wont turn
    back on

  13. I bought some of these fake ones and they have poor battery life! very
    poor. they seem to work ok but when the battery only last about 30 minutes
    and needs charges it’s a pain in the butt.

  14. after a while the sticks pop its like you cant move 

  15. Is Easy 4 me I can play cod best controller 4 me on the xbox same as u but
    any 1 have them own different s

  16. The Dr Boomization

    dude I’m not trying to offend you but how the fuck do your thumbs bend like

  17. I just got the same controller in this review but it won’t sync. Can you
    help me out and give me some instructions how to set it up??? Thanks!!!

  18. so why would you get another one if its bad…..

  19. Dawid Winiarski

    This controller is alright but when I try to play battlefield 3 it always
    lets me play for 5 minutes then it freezes and wont turn off it will just
    stay on untill the batterys dead. So be careful guys 🙂 

  20. Split/Second By Deathscythes

    i don’t if this can help anyone but here are the differences i have notices
    between the real ones and the fake but really similar looking one….

    – the sticks: you barely touch them they click, quite the opposite of the
    “P3” ones
    i play a car racing game, L3 died in a month………..
    the noise they produce is just horrible!!

    – the triggers: they feel like crap, there is no resistance in it, like
    shaking your controller can make them move! basicaly after one month, i
    have R2 not going back to it’s initial position when i stop pressing it;

    – the bouttons on the right (don’t know how to call that lol) and the
    d-pad : on a real one, they look kinda glossy, on the fake version they are
    not glossy at all.
    i am pretty sure that they are not even pressure sensitive

    – it’s weight: it’s much lighter than the real one

    – the “dualshock3” writting next to the usb connector, one the real one the
    “3” less high than the “dualshock”, on the fake one, the “3” is at the same
    height. (my english may not be clear sorry)

    – the response time: the real one is MUCH faster than this shit, it made me
    believe that my PC was lagging somehow but no. it was this fucking crap .

    real ones are expensive… true. but buying a fake one is no different than
    throwing money outta the window. Of course i got my fake one on EBAY, be
    careful there ! most of them are fake!!!

  21. why is the number 3 on the box in roman numerals? Dual Shock The Third lol

  22. How did you pair it with the ps3? Or register it to the ps3??? I can’t seem
    to connect it.

  23. I was the 100th like!!!!!

  24. Mike Stradowski1

    I used this controller and in 1 day it wont turn on or charge.. Anyone

  25. Magnus Maximilian

    Cool kids say “COD”.

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