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Amazon Fire TV Review in 4k | EpicReviewGuys

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  1. Looks like a piece of toast when I look at it

  2. It’s easy to navigate and easy to download and go into any app .Fast
    getting in and out of apps as well.

  3. You are legally allowed to play short Netflix movies without infringing
    copy right because it’s permitted for educational purposes. You just can
    play entire or large chunks of content. 

  4. Katherine Schroeder

    can you do a follow up later?

  5. review the MONSTER TAIL

  6. songdermanjeram

    Video is amazing in 4k but your audio is subpar than your older videos.

  7. Could u do a review for snackeez

  8. Can you setup Netflix and Hulu plus on this device?

  9. bastard

  10. The Plex app on the Fire TV is awesome – just awesome.I am ordering another for our bedroom – very powerful.

  11. EpicReviewGuys

    Brand new from Amazon- the Fire TV. This is a set-top streaming box that
    brings the internet to your television.

  12. Can you do a review on the monster tail from the creators of rainbow loom

  13. Congrats for 16,000+ !!!

  14. Jeremy Goldberg

    Wow, you got this one quick, just came out. I like the voice option and
    then it becomes choice is that option worth forty dollars move than my Roku
    1. Good review though, thx.

  15. Wow, u buy a lot of stuff!

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