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Titanfall Review (Xbox One | 60fps)

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  1. Enjoying the reviews. Keep them up. The exclusives thus far for the Xbox
    One seem to exceed anything currently being released by Sony. Maybe that
    will change in the future, but so far, as an Xbox One user, I feel as
    though I’m reaping all the benefits. 

  2. xxShrimpTacoxx

    People still play this game?

  3. Loving the 8-Bit Intro for the gaming shit

  4. Another great review Kev. I’m getting Titanfall soon for 360 due to your
    endless talking about this game in the chat.

  5. what rank are you on cs kevin

  6. I myself loved this game.. 

  7. Good review but FPS ‘a have become way too spastic and ADD for me to enjoy
    and I’m 2 years older than you Kevin! This one looks no different 

  8. Liked this game review but u should make a video about me

  9. Holyshizification

    Should do a second channel for games reviews, you’ll make serious dollar!

  10. Console shooters are the WWE of the gaming world. Very popular but they
    don’t do much of anything. #pcmasterrace 

  11. those satchels though

  12. Exquisite

  13. Hell yeah dude, I play this game more than gta 5, battlefield 4, call of
    duty, madden and yes wwe2k15 is still shit!

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