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Minecraft: XBOX 360 Edition – Review – Platform32

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    Check out this video on YouTube:

  2. oh wait,it says it will start in 5 hours,thats 4 in the afternoon. i can
    make that easelly!

  3. For real…..this is THE BEST review on YT. You just got a Sub. Impressive

  4. Looks like a great port but as we all know your not gona beat the pc
    version. Great review Ian, I hopw I can get to one of your live streams
    again soon because I havent been in one in fookin ages

  5. david miladinovic

    Hiya when your next on trials evolution could you try my new track its a
    skill game called Marble by DAY N MATT. Thanks.

  6. are you richard quest from cnn?

  7. signs ? 🙁

  8. woah…. chill? you know the game would look like shit if you have it on
    split screen without at least 720p anyways? it would literally just look
    like a large pixel looking blob… if you would’ve read before you
    purchased the game it also says 720p is required for split-screen… sorry
    for your luck

  9. Wheres live stream?

  10. they’re chickenes but great vid

  11. Haha! Thanks!

  12. In the UK they are the other way around, so the 9th of May would be 9/5/12.
    Weird I know.


  14. if, how can you change youre skin om minecraft 360

  15. KillSwitchKing1

    I heard it’s only about 1024 x 1024

  16. Watching this is like watching Top Gear: Minecraft edition.

  17. state on this guy

  18. what i find funny is the great creations is gonna be harder than the PC
    version (especially since there are no cheats or programs that helps makes
    buildings) i cant wait to see someone to make an underwater city like for
    the PC version

  19. Comes out on 9th may (midnight launch)

  20. Internet fail 🙁

  21. It’s stated that modding texture packs and player skins will be added
    later, and the game will eventually be updated to the current PC updates.

  22. …mad?

  23. 2 more days O_O

  24. its a chicken it even drops chicken if u kill it

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