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Classic Game Room HD – NINTENDO Wii Console review!

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  1. Hey can you still buy games from the virtual shop from the (ORIGINAL WII)
    now since the wii u is out?

  2. I’m actually looking to add another console to my collection. Would anyone
    suggest me this console or the smaller wii mini?

  3. Such irony because the Millennium Falcon kind of took out the Death
    Star…..just pointing that out there

  4. “This is a Gamecube, without being a Gamecube” It’s a Gamerectangle! Im not
    hating, I just thought of it.

  5. Someone plz tell me wold you recomend me buying a ps4 or xbox 360 slim

  6. Comparing the Wii to the NES?
    The NES set a standard and solidified Nintendo as THE gaming powerhouse.
    The wii does neither.
    Now the wii U is out, and Nintendo would be lucky enough just to make sure
    that people even know it’s out.

  7. they actually used your idea. *Wii U*

  8. Actually the Nintendo64 is the Wii’s grandfather. The NES would have to be
    the Wii’s great-great-great grandfather.

  9. Nintendo WII > Xbox 360 > PlayStation 3 > Nintendo GameCube > Xbox >
    PlayStation 2 > Nintendo 64 > Sega Saturn > PlayStation > Super Nintendo >
    Sega Genesis > Nintendo 

  10. Despite how much shit the Wii gets, I can’t say I regretted buying it. I
    love my Wii. :3

  11. Cristiano Neymar JR

    i didnt get cod World at War zombies

  12. Robert Santellan

    “It all goes back to marketing. Something that Nintendo has excelled at for
    decades.” Too bad that is no longer true. The Wii U is a great machine, but
    marketing is one of the primary reasons it is failing in the market at this
    time. Hopefully that changes before its too late…

  13. Im 18, the nes was my first and still my favorite console ever!

  14. … my brother and sister have had a wii for like, 4 years, and I never
    knew it could play game cube games… I wonder if they know…

  15. こじ わたなべ

    I keep mine vertical, next to my Blu Ray player, DVR and switch box.

  16. pauses at 2:12 – wait… WHAT DID YOU JUST SAY?

  17. with Wii Virtual Console you have way more than twice the games. Granted,
    Virtual Console probably doesn’t have EVERY game for those consoles but
    still top titles and THAT is a major selling point for me.

  18. Just bought one for $50.00 from a co-worker. Look forward to some fun!!
    Hope they have a chess game for this.

  19. good review :p

  20. Wish they had backwards compatibility on the blue wii

  21. Xtreme The Hedgehog

    They shot it with the Wii U, though. It’s not that good for a sequel to the
    original Wii, a console that was great. And what does the “U” mean,

  22. TheGreatUtopiaCat

    NES is more like great great grandfather, the original backwards compatible
    wii is a good value but there should have been a starfox…

  23. I can pretty much shoot down most wii accusations made by 360 and ps3

    motion controls sucks: Buy a classic controller, but some games benefit
    from motion controls, you are not forced to use the motion though

    the graphics suck: No they dont, the good games on it look good, the only
    problem was it couldnt handle games like gta 4 and assassins creed but I
    think some titles made up for that

    its kiddie: Monster hunter 3,metroid prime 3,no more heroes
    2,madworld,zelda twlight princess,zelda skyward sword, manhunt,goldeneye,
    red steel 2, xenoblade chronicles, resident evil 4,

    online sucks: I remember playing cod black ops,smash bros and mario kart
    just fine online, true friend codes were a pain but really its not such a
    big deal as long as online multiplayer works

    call of duty rules!: And wii has it with better controls, since you can
    actually point like an actual gun the aiming is perfectly accurate, those
    analog sticks cant be comfortable for aiming

    wii titles can never hold up to uncharted and heavy rain: Heavy rain isnt a
    real game sorry, I like the story but it should not count as an actual
    game, as for uncharted I love that franchise but: Super mario galaxy and
    xenoblade chronicles are both equally as amazing for many people

  24. No one listen to BattleToads he said he’s a SONY FANBOY so of course he’s
    going to say crap and stuff about other consoles really both ps4 and xbox
    one are excellent consoles and so is the wiiu for anyone who said the wiiu
    is crap is somewhat mostly a failure because of nintendos horrable
    marketing on the wiiu

  25. +Cameron Menefee Console Wars but still PS4 will kick Xbox one’s ass
    reasons why:
    1. Sony dominated the 5th and 6th generation of consoles
    2. Microsoft’s Xbox One will fail cause of a higher price and remembered
    Panasonic 3DO that was too much expensive BTW PS4 Price is $400 While Xbox
    One is $500
    3. Graphics up to 780p while PS4 in Glorious 1080p now that’s in full HD
    and also too many rants about Xbox one they said it will fail or not

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