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Nintendo Wii Console: Review

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  1. In before this gets popular.

  2. gangsta4life9988

    it is free you download from shop

  3. u r the best man. i may only be a 12 year old kid butim getting my wii in
    march 2008. u taught me how to use it.

  4. nope, only the camera can see the lights, its not wireless

  5. he has an accent, there is nothing wrong with his voice. blame yourself for
    not being able to hear well.

  6. can u get gamecube games off virtual console?


    ty man im getting mine for xmas i might be a 12 year old kid but i know
    when a person has found a job when u grow up i think u whould be a ummmmm a
    reviewa ye thats it oo i think im being bit dumm but hehe i loved it ty so

  8. Guru Larry Gaming

    I’m looking forward to the “everybody waits” channel were getting in the UK
    soon, where the idea of the game is to see how long you can wait for a game
    to be released in the US and Japan, before we either get it a year later,
    or you think “Fuck it” and go and get the machine chipped ^_^

  9. no but maybe in the future we could

  10. If i buy a console i like to hear how it handles playing games. Not this

  11. @monkeylover098 here in enlgand we think u americans have accents!

  12. MasterROBLOXDude

    I wish you could…

  13. wow u can wathc youtube vids i never knew.People say u can’t

  14. runescapeowner13

    how many points is the mii channel?

  15. how do u get wii points? somebody tell me plz!!!

  16. @TOLBERTBOY You’re totally gay HAHA ^.^

  17. I dont know if I should get one now that the ps3 games have dissapointed me

  18. wii need hdmi

  19. i should sell my wii, the games are for 2 year olds and people who arn’t
    gamers. i give the wii a generous 5

  20. I Am Getting My Wii On Dec 11

  21. he sweres to much

  22. shut up

  23. Am i not aloud an opinion? There we go so yo should be the one who needs to
    shut up…

  24. cool, i’ll be sure to add you

  25. Well you replied to me so i didn’t know..

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