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Gravity Rush PS Vita Review

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  1. Ok.
    1) DMC and Gravity Rush have nothing in common. DMC is about Go NUTS!
    Gravity Rush is about Careful And Focus.
    2) The story does say why you do repair things. It makes Kat feel better
    and stronger which extends the cap of her abilities. Also those things you
    repair does let you know more about the city and why they need them. And,
    you do things because you are alone in a strange world and you are the
    only one who can do it.
    3) The game does make you want to know more of what is going on and what
    will happen next. It doesn’t hold you hand or answers all your questions.
    (that’s why it doesn’t straight up tells you what I said in 2)
    4) Kat is a very likable teen girl. She does questions what people are
    telling her and she does feel natural.
    5) The translation is good. With a few exceptions when they use words like
    “power” to refer to the “police force” and then use the word “powerless”.
    Maybe was “a word-play joke” but still you can make sense out of it.
    6) You didn’t read all the text, did you? It’s your fault if you skip the
    text that explains “what” and “why”.

    The game for me is 8.5 and that’s because they didn’t made a very good job
    connection Kat’s abilities with each other.

  2. wow you knock of points for it being to japanese thats really stupid
    gravity rush is better than most american games on the vita

  3. David Restrepo

    The game isn’t in Japanese. It’s in a made up gibberish language that’s
    slightly based off French

  4. 9.9/10

  5. love this game

  6. Nope. Green screen. J

  7. I meant the style of the game overall. J

  8. i never liked anime or hentai or people that are crazy about it

  9. Like and kat will show her tits

  10. Nathaniel Kiger

    Deserves AT LEAST a 9 out of 10.

  11. Thank you for watching! I hope you keep watching our show! J

  12. Does anyone else think that Mike looks like Vinny from Jersey Shore?

  13. The voices in the game are not japanese. I dont know how anyone could think
    it is, it sounds more like dutch or something. Its not a real language.

  14. The story was handled well and if you take the time to understand and
    appreciate it you’ll find a interesting story with likeable characters. the
    only thing handled badly was the ending answering none of the questions
    presented throughout the game. along with the scientist and wifes story
    spread out throughout the game that was never finished. i’m gonna end this
    long mult-reply with a question. i’m not sure what you mean about the same

  15. CrystalChandrians

    The game is fantastic. You guys need stfu with your “japanese there
    japanese here”. Nothing beside the developers are japanese! You completly

  16. narutovssasuke0623

    I’m getting this game

  17. Rayman Origins! J

  18. Aaron Kaminski

    J, which do you think is a better title, Gravity Rush or Gravity Daze?

  19. I think they said that they won’t be reviewing it. I think I saw it on
    Jay’s Facebook/Twitter.

  20. Yes cut the price for sure! J

  21. i love kat and i think the show is better when all 3 of them are there

  22. Hello Sniperhks, Thank you for watching! J

  23. Yeah I say play the demo as well cause it might not be your thing but for
    me I’m really enjoying the game so far. It’s one of those special type of
    games that once you get into it its hard to put down. Anyways I think this
    was a fair review good job.

  24. Hey Jay, I heard this game is Japanese. Is that true?

  25. i’m gonna have to correct you guys on a few things. from the way it sounds
    kat is speaking french. trust me, i know my basic japanese and it sounds
    nothing like it. and its not supposed to be understood by the auidience so
    no ones missing anything from not understanding it. nothing about this game
    really screams “anime” or “japanese” it feels more like comics then manga
    (yes i know, same thing but they’re totally different from each other).

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