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Goldeneye 007 [DS] Review – The Nintendo Critic

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  1. slapstickaction

    So you say this game sounds terrible, but have you ever stopped to listen
    to your own voice? I hear barely hear what your saying because of that
    stupid accent and your pitch keeps going up and down. You call yourself the
    nintendo critic, but I think Nintendo would never hire a dumbass list you
    to review their games.

  2. Where did you buy this

  3. the 2 biggest problems on this game are 2 things

  4. @mcdom89 This sounds nothing like John Lennon. More like Mark Owen.

  5. över and över and över again

  6. Yeah but that was from a much older era of gaming. I don’t know if they
    make shooters like that anymore. It certainly worked back then but now most
    of them are gonna be like CoD or BF which personally I don’t mind TOO much.
    I think the remake could have been cooler if it had music reminiscing of
    the 64 version and more gadgets. I like the fighting scenes. That was a
    cool addition. So I see what you mean of not deserving of being called
    GoldenEye. Its pause menu and music wasn’t cool enough.

  7. InfinityZeroGames

    I agree not bad for a DS game

  8. do any one play this online than give friendcodep ls i do 😮

  9. i know how they screwed it up the wii version

  10. MetroidJunkie2007

    @ako675 Well, if they had put it on 3DS, they very easily could have ported
    it over from Wii. As for porting the N64 version, that’s 100% impossible
    due to copyright issues.

  11. I dun gots this game =D it is sooo beast. Plz do a vid on Wifi =)

  12. call of duutee lol

  13. TheSonicLemonade

    @mcdom89 He dosen’t sound anything like John Lennon.

  14. fuck the 64 version travelyion was hard as nails. they really dumbed it
    down haven’t they?

  15. oh no spoiler alert for the game’s end! LOL jks

  16. legooreostudios

    the framerate is not bad it is normal what are you talking about?

  17. This looks like goldeneye if it were made on the ps1

  18. New age muscle

    what a dumbass. You assume just becase a game is labeld “fps” that they all
    play the same? halo and call of duty are on the complete opposite sides of
    the spectrum, yet they play the same? wtf are you doing reviewing games?
    there are shades of grey jackass its not all black and white..

  19. @2345kikisbrother Greater than.

  20. Worst. Battle. Ever.

  21. jammyjammer2015

    Why does he keep on saying Call of Duty in an American accent?

  22. @GeekJoeMD well its being made by N-Space and the DS simply doesn’t have
    the power to create a Goldeneye 64 style experience!

  23. michaeltristenbird

    the orginal for n64 was better than ds version thumbs up if u agree

  24. The111122222333333

    am i the only one who likes this game

  25. SteveFusionX .

    just been playing and was hoping it would be like the n64 version. Many
    things are missing from this game *no blood *bodies disappear instantly
    when they hit floor *unable to shoot weapon off enemies (?) *unable to
    shoot backdrop except for certain key objects (unlike original – you could
    blast up anything you wanted) *graphics+sfx are far worse than the 1995 (?)
    original The game just seems like an extremely watered down version of the
    n64 goldeneye but with more awkward controls.

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