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Gateway FX541XT Extreme Desktop Gaming PC

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  1. try selling that in pc world 😀 nice albert

  2. higher basically is better.

  3. mynameisrob123

    my one 8800gt gets the score 5.9 so why does the 8800gt in sli get 5.9 in
    this machine

  4. @ stabbymcdiedie: almost everything in this computer is outdated currently.
    The graphics cards, while not bad in SLI, can be easily beaten by a GTX 260
    (and you can get a GTX 260 for like $190 these days). The processor is not
    only easily beaten by the montevina refresh (QX9650 or QX9770), it is
    absolutely demolished by core i7 (even the base end model). Memory on this
    pc is 4 gigs of DDR2, “cutting edge” now is defined by as 12 gigs of DDR3 @
    1800. So this computer sucks by today’s standards.

  5. That case is fuckn wack

  6. they need some tesla in quad sli

  7. @oear56 Oh Really??? So you can’t Overclock Voodoos, Blackbirds Alienwares,
    or Dell XPS’? I can overclock the little brother of this, the FX541s Q6600
    to 2.6 on stock cooler, most people get a lot higher, but I’m just a
    overclocking noob. I also overclocked to 8600GT, I wanted more power, got a
    GTS 250 and overclocked that, and then got another one in SLI, and Barely
    overclocked that.

  8. stabbymcdiedie

    yes it is.

  9. Lol…friends don’t let friends run at their computers at factory

  10. ps3 is better, pc’s don’t even have many games being made for it anymore so
    it’s a waste of 1200+ dollars

  11. lol thats not even high end

  12. I hate gateway desktops… The case stinks and I’m sure it will go hot
    pretty quick… Not worth buying…

  13. yeah what he doesn’t tell you is this pc is BTX! So you are fucked if you
    want to upgrade the motherboard.

  14. no no no wait wait wait did you said TWO 750 HARD DRIVES!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Thats so fucking old parts.

  16. Friendly Lobotomist

    my old pc ran as fast as this it used to run at 68 degrees at 3gz. its
    broken now.

  17. nice benchmarks … NOT

  18. @Airking11 ure very biased and wrong dumbass 😛 theyre a helluva lot more
    games fr the pc even now… plus u just buy em online instead of going to
    the stores to get a hard copy… so smd and all the other pc gamers 🙂

  19. how much is that????

  20. I think I said it quite a bit differently from you :-). LOL

  21. @peacekid Well, It was very good back in 07.

  22. LOL that comp sucks. a 680i and a qx6850 and 8800gt are SO OLD. LOL i have
    a 680i and my comp is 1 year and 1/2 old. I excpect better from gateway. At
    least 750i.

  23. If you dont have so much money, dont buy it!! Because this computer is the
    most expensive desktop pc they have right now.

  24. thats why you wait to get the one you really want. not just a “budget”

  25. Take a GATEALIFE!!!!

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