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Epic Reviews Dragon’s Crown (Playstation 3 and PS Vita)

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  1. PieceOfArtwork13

    I absolutely HATE how they made Amazon’s lower body. They can make it
    masculine and strong but feminine at the same time such as these:
    They didn’t have to go and make her lower body look all rocky. It’s very
    unattractive for such an attractive character like her.

  2. bigblackracoon

    I just want to say that this is hands down one of the greatest game review
    out there. I especially like how from jump you put it out there that the
    characters are sexualised, and not in a judgemental prudish fashion, nor in
    a fashion that judges those who don’t like it. But in an objective fashion.
    Like “Hey this is what it is, either you can tolerate it or you can’t,
    that’s up to you”.

    This is what us in Gamergate are demanding of game journalist and websites.
    Game reviews that try to be as least bias as possible and just tell us
    about the game without pushing some type of agenda, and let us decide with
    the facts provided wether the game will be for us or not. Of course
    reviewers are gonna have their personal opinions and that’s OK. But just
    try to think about those who may or may not be into such games, and if you
    were them why or why not would you pick up this game. Like how you stated
    “If you can get pass the character designs you may like this”. You more
    than earned this sub. Great Job. :)

  3. psn knowyourroll323, add me, i just got this game, is cool

  4. AdellRedwinters

    That optional bonus dungeon sounds so much like Lufia 2’s Ancient Cave. I
    frigging LOVED the ancient cave as a kid

  5. How do you fight by yourself? Everytime I do the game summons some NPCs for

  6. You guys think this game is worth $90?
    (No sarcasm to be found in this)

  7. Angry feminist trollololol..

  8. Great review and nice to finally see one not spending the majority of the
    time talking about the art style and also mention the over-exaggeration of
    the males too. I guess that got forgotten in the rush to be offended and
    the white knight charging.

  9. ConvictedHeart

    ROFLMAO. “Dick Equipped Teammates”?! XD I don’t know why that made me laugh
    so frickin hard. XD

  10. ENB when i play with bots, they usually are retarded, not escaping AOE
    Spells or Traps, they drop dead like flies….

  11. darkhacker1811

    I never actually had any problem with the character design, it was simply
    blown out of proportion by people who didn’t understand that it made sense
    within the context of the game (a highly stylized, exaggerated fantasy
    setting). One thing about the critical response to the game that had me
    coldly furious was the manner in which many reviewers lambasted the female
    designs for being offensive, while praising the male designs; a kowtow to
    feminism. The whole shitstorm was started by kotaku though.

  12. ApatheticAndroid

    I was gonna get this but the diablo 3 styled difficulty thing, grindy loot
    based stuff, the lack of difficulty, and repetitive levels all sound pretty
    bad to me. I wish “gaming journalists” could write reviews this good.

  13. Men expressing sexual desire and enjoying images meant to entertain that
    desire isn’t the problem with our society. The problem is that women aren’t
    allowed to do the same. Instead of suppressing the sexual expression of
    men, we should end the suppression of women’s sexual expression. There are
    different ways to achieve equality- I prefer the path that doesn’t limit
    people’s rights of self-expression or chastise them for something as simple
    as liking large breasts.

  14. Now this is a review! Thank you ENB, you’re awesome!

  15. darkhacker1811

    I agree. The game’s design was almost a caricature, in that it exaggerated
    designs set forth by some of the older dungeon exploring RPG’s. The
    character designs may have been sexualized, but there’s nothing wrong with
    that, as it’s still within the realms of freedom of artistic expression,
    and art design alone can never be responsible for objectification (yet a
    subset of morons purported the game was ‘objectifying’ before it was
    released). The art exaggerated human anatomy, it didn’t objectify.

  16. very good work my friend 🙂

  17. I think I’m gonna like this game. This is how video game reviews should be

  18. Finally, a review where the reviewer isn’t constantly bashing the art!

  19. people wondering if u can respect u can but they are limited u need get a
    potion to reset they are only found in labyrinth on inferno lvl on floor 3,
    6 and 9, if u think u messed up in early lvl its better just reroll, u
    don’t have too u can get alot of skill points with lvling and quests learn
    most the skills

  20. i hope they will release this on pc… they will dont.

  21. Video glitches- sorry 🙁 The game has none of that.

  22. Not sure what you’re really wanting done about this. If you want people not
    to buy it, that’s cool with me- good luck persuading them (although I
    suggest that the prominent tactics of railing against the art and the
    people who enjoy it is counterproductive to that goal- even now you are
    making an opponent where there wasn’t one before).

  23. I’ve heard that you get one bag for free sometime in the course of playing
    through normal mode. Is it missable? Also, this would give you a total of
    two bags. How do you get the other seven for the total of nine?

  24. Great review as always ENB/P, been thinking about this title for some time
    now….not sure what to do!!!!

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