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Xbox One Review Hardware, Software & Games.

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  1. I like ps4 more but just to say xbox 360 was better than ps3 I think…I
    mean ps3 had better exclusives but xbox 360 was better overall .But with
    the xboxone I think they fucked it up…Playstation 4 is better than ps3
    but xbox one is worse than xbox 360.This is just my opinion no need for all
    the xbox fanboys to attack me……

  2. Are you enjoying your Xbox One? We love our’s but wish Kinect was optional
    so it could be a bit cheaper at retail.

  3. Here is our full review of the Xbox One from Microsoft. In this review we
    will go deep on the Xbox One’s Hardware, Software and Games, looking into
    every area of the system and giving you a complete run through.

  4. As bad as it is, can you still record 15-30 seconds without kennect or do
    you have to have it plugged in to work? (I don’t have kennect)

  5. Tons of people complain about its shape but when you think about its the

  6. Heres another podcast on E3 leak! Including Halo, Gears of War and is it
    worth getting XboxOne with Kinect! Minor Details | Podcast S.2 Ep.3 (Video

  7. Good review man! Looking forward to buying mine in the summer! (:

  8. Jordan Blackburn

    Richard Ayoade?

  9. You should be working for bbc talking about animals 

  10. your a shit cunt at fifa thats why

  11. TV on the side is revolutionary?? LOL … ever heard of TV Picture In
    Picture? been using that with Wii and PS3 for ages hahaha …. Xbox One is

  12. the kinect input was never a usb port..

  13. Lee Farrelly - Jamieson

    you drive horribly on forza 

  14. What u said about fifa is bs you absolute cunt

  15. i use to be xbox everything but they really fucked up with xbox one 

  16. Lee Farrelly - Jamieson

    but it is the best football game ever made … well unless youve played pes

  17. Michael Uzoegwu

    I was enjoying thus vid until what he said about my favorite game FIFA 14.

  18. Michael Uzoegwu

    I was enjoying thus vid until what he said about my favorite game FIFA 14.

  19. Forza looks aweful 😮 Lack of AA, really noticeable :/

  20. ps vita had this “snap” feature for a while to be honest…

  21. I think that overtime, with all the patches and improvements, the xbox one
    will sell just as high or higher than ps4, it has better potential, just
    not as well executed. If Microsoft improves the hardware and games can all
    run at 1080p 60fps and look just as nice as ps4, then it is a better
    console simply because of the fact that it has more stuff as far as
    entertainment they just need to focus more on the gaming, so I say by
    November this year we will see xbox one and ps4 being very even

  22. TheSpielNabeel

    Some stuff you say is true, BUT you say the level of frame rate for games
    should be 60 fps? But your just talking about tomb raider. There will
    definitely be games on the X1 which do run at 60 fps. You just have to give
    Microsoft time… 

  23. Best review on YouTube.


  25. i’m getting it!!!!!!!!!!!!!! my dad is rich

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