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Michael Jackson Kinect Xbox 360 Review

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  1. Zavier Mattson

    For the first 18 seconds of the video, watch it in 2x speed.

  2. If joe has a happy voice, the game is awesome. if joe has a calm voice, the
    game is average. if he looks and sounds pissed off, its self explanatory.

  3. Joe PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE out of god’s name mercy, DO NOT UNDER ANY
    circumstances do that intro again. I think it gave me cancer…

  4. Yes! We need crotch grabbing leader boards!! Irrelevant of any game, we
    just need them!

  5. I miss this Joe :(


  7. the first 20 seconds of this video gave me aids and cancer

  8. You don’t have a bad voice. You just need A LOT of rhythm and technique

    Just go by my philosophy: ANYONE can SING!

  9. the wii version is better

  10. Your voice is not that bad

  11. The Best Michael Jackson game was MOONWALKER on SEGA Genesis / Mega Drive.

  12. i always thought it was ubisoft as in.. YOU-be-soft as opposed to OOH-be

  13. crazyinsane500

    The sequel: Eminem Dance Off 2016, feat. Twilight Sparkle

  14. This game takes away Michael’s hard work that he has done!

  15. Just your every day broom salesman

    Micheal Jackson’s hologram anyone? 

  16. Landon Searfoss

    Oh my fucking god that intro lmao

  17. Crotch grabbing with all of your friends…

    Can’t wait to try that.

  18. burritobowser2

    am i the only one who doesn’t see michal jackson as a child molester?

  19. TheMickeyVoice TMV

    hey i dont think its bad i think his singing is pretty good “:/ a beginner

  20. michael jackson is alive!!! its confirmed

  21. GO JOE! THE AMERICAN HERO! Seriously though, after watching about 20 Joe
    reviews in the past 4 weeks., this guy is the most thorough and most fair
    reviewer I have seen. His parodies are icing on the cake but his reviews
    are what I come to see. Fuck IGN, and fuck dev diaries. Bunch-a-liars.

  22. Stephen Jensen

    Does this come with a little kid or are those sold separately?

  23. lol at 16:10 its like he is doing the BACK OFF! move from the fresh prince
    of bell air

  24. homersimpsonovich

    Funny intro

  25. 10:24
    For Christ sake
    that advert looks so gay

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