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Nintendo Wii U Console Review! Should You Buy One?

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  1. im from the future 2015!!!!!!!!! (LOLOLOLOL)
    sorry felt the need

  2. When your Wii U freezes, you dont need to unplug it, all you need to to is
    go to the console, turn of the gamepad, then turn off the console.

  3. now there is Miiverse for the 3DS

  4. ZombiU is a great Survival Horror

  5. The Starlow Show

    Pikmin 3 is very fun! Also the multiplayer mode is great! All my friends
    liked it 😛

  6. 3ds was pretty bad…I don’t know what is worse.

  7. thanks 🙂

  8. i love my deluxe wii u

  9. thanks 🙂

  10. TonyKanameKuran

    The good news is that I’m glad that I’ll be getting the Wii U!!!!!! But the
    bad news is that I’ll be sharing my Nintendo Network ID on Christmas Day.
    But, I’m still freakin’ hyped!!!!!!!

  11. thanks hanna!

  12. Nintendo conf that later this week they are sending a system update to
    permanently fix the freezings.

  13. UnlimitedPower

    Good review man. I definitely think it’s a console that everyone should

  14. Wii u awesome

  15. The bad about Wii U is about the games (there are not a plenty much of them
    right now, but i await more in the future)

  16. I can’t wait until I get paid lol. Does anyone recommend any games other
    than Mario?

  17. Well they will fix the freezing problem in the future. Remember it’s a new
    Console so there’s going to be a lot of bugs on it.

  18. LivingVicariouslyHD

    Nice & informative video!

  19. videogamedude52

    Cool there I am on your list!!!

  20. ps2 i think.

  21. TheUltimateZMANREVIEWS

    I’ve never had that freezing problem, only one or twice on the gamepad, but
    probably cause I was all that in range with the console.

  22. Do you think the 3ds is the worst launch lineup or something else?

  23. yeah, supposedly a update is coming this week.

  24. what was the biggest launch line up

  25. No the 3ds is great. Only the games suck. And the 3ds had a horrible
    launch. But the console itself is pretty good.

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