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Why You Should Buy a Wii U in 2014

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  1. The games look really fun and the graphics are superb.Its just way to
    expensive i would rather invest in microsoft.

  2. The Advantages of buying a WiiU Early.
    Suck It, Sony And Microsoft fanboys.

  3. Funny how much changed in 9 months time – I hadn’t picked one up yet – and
    now I’ve bought about 40 games for it – yeah – there are a lot of reasons
    to get a Wii U – and 5 of the main ones are about to come out – Smash Bros,
    Toad Tracker, Mario Maker, Yoshi’s Wooly World – and some game I’m
    forgetting about right now

  4. Are you buying a Wii U? http://ow.ly/DaIE9 #GridGaming

  5. Jesus, and I thought COD was bad… all nintendo games are just updated
    versions with the same franchises.
    How many fucking super mario or zelda games are there now? I loved Ocarina
    Of Time and Mario Kart but this is a joke, no wonder the Wii U isn’t
    Do something new Nintendo, compete with Microsoft and Sony already….
    release a new gaming console that is on par with the next gen and compete
    with hardware, software and exclusives.

    Get new franchises, get something for everyone. Not fucking ports and
    remakes of games that were good in the past, nostalgia doesn’t last long.

  6. Buy a Wii U because I’m a brainwashed fanatical Nintendo cult member who
    has lost all powers of rational thinking. Seriously most Nintendo games are
    childish, simplistic kiddy crap designed for consoles which use
    cheap & extremely outdated technology. I only want to play a handful of
    Nintendo games.

  7. I sold my Xbox 360 for the wii u and don’t regret it at all I’m having the
    time of my life and I’m 20 years old also when my freinds come to home then
    omggg it’s just too much party fun 🙂 

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  9. Why you should buy a Wii U (Nintendo Fans)

    1. Hyrule Warriors next month
    2.Super Smash Bros.
    3. Star Fox U
    4. Metriod
    5. Kirby Rainbow Curse (Sequel to Canvas Curse!)
    6. Wind Waker HD
    7. Mario Kart 8
    8. Mario Party 10 (Get rid of your hated friends!)
    9. Mario and Sonic Winter Games
    10. Majoras Mask?!?!?! (Theory)
    11. Kirby Air Ride 2 (Theroy)

  10. Am i the only one hyped for splatoon?

  11. That was supposed to sell me on the WiiU? Spending a few hundred bucks so I
    can play a bunch of derivative sequels and ports to games I already own,
    with a pain-in-the-ass tablet-thing with a shit battery life? Choke on a
    dick, fanboys.

  12. Is it bad that I LOVE Nintendo games better than ANY other games fit for
    xbox360 or ps3?? I love the wiiu. Great idea. 

  13. I love how people keep shitting on the Wii U’s hardware.

    Meanwhile it has a stronger CPU than the PS4 and Xbox One.
    It’s GPU is only a tad waker.

    The only thing that really needs improvement is it’s ram. Aside from that,
    the Wii U is still a powerful system that shits on the PS3, 360 and is
    almost as strong as the Xbox One.

    By the way? It has games. Pfft.

  14. Finnally got mine earlier this month. Was holding out till it had some good
    games. And I love it. Mario 3D world is fun. Mario Kart 8 is the first kart
    racer I have enjoyed since Crash Team Racing on the PS1. Smash Bros is out
    today, can’t wait to play it. And I still need to get WInd Waker HD and
    Bayonetta 2. Not to mention I can finally catch up on all the good Wii
    titles I missed over the past decade. A PC and a WiiU is all you need this
    generation and you will not miss any worthwhile games.

  15. what two good games are these nintendo fan boys playing these days ……
    lol. I been waiting for nintendo to do better for years now. I am still
    waiting. Nintendo says software sells hardware. Everyone knows this. Yet
    they release the wii u and people who buy it have almost nothing to play on
    it . Nobody is shittin on nintendo………its just the plain truth. I hope
    they come out with a proper next gen console cuz if they do i will love
    getting to hang with mario and zelda once again. Lets face it though ,
    nintendo fans may say nintendo doesnt need third party
    publishers…………but i believe they do. Seems to me people dont love
    mario as much as we think . The wii u sales are showing that nintendo
    franchise games are not system sellers. Also, the way how nintendo has
    always marketed themselves as a kiddy franchise, i dont think anyone can
    really see themselves playing the more adult games on the wii u especially
    if those games are on the PS4 and X Box one. Nintendo fanboys if u want to
    save your console of choice go out and buy the system and buy the few games
    that are actually out now….if the wii u is not selling so
    well………maybe its your fault for not buying it. Don’t pay attention to
    what PS and X Box fan boys say because remember even nintendo as a company
    doesn’t see themselves as competing for the same gamers as the other two
    companies. They stopped doing their thing at E3 and went after the casual
    gamer crowd ( how loyal are casual gamers huh ) ……Nintendo fanboys do
    your thing. Whenever a conversation pops up about nintendo and its failing
    console stay on topic and dont pull Ps4 and X box into the
    conversation……they are not your competitors remember! just have fun
    with your 5 games. ………….

  16. I was the biggest fan of Mario on the NES, but have no interest in any of
    the current Nintendo offering, I’m GLAD we’re not friends 😛

    Also, like someone else said below, I can’t imagine for the life of me why
    anyone would want to buy this overpriced console that are clearly lacking
    high quality games of differing genres

  17. Top Notch Gaming

    I find it funny how you’re trying to convince people to buy this yet the
    1st minute you’re just doggin the system lol. I like that you’re being real
    about it though. I definitely want a Wiiu though, I’m so bored on PS4.

  18. Is it too late to buy a wii u when 2015 is coming very soon. Someone please
    answer me i need to know.

  19. You should get either a Nintendo console or a PC, depending on what kind of
    game you want. Every other console’s existence is pointless right now. This
    is coming from a SEGA fanboy

  20. I love my Wii U So many great games Mario Kart 8, Donkey Kong Tropical
    Freeze, Monster Hunter, Super Mario 3d world, New Super Mario Bros U,
    Byonetta 2, Devils third, Smash, Splatoon, new Xenoblade.

  21. Leonardo Sanchez

    Why You Should Buy a Dildo in 2014

  22. Does anyone think I should get it soon? I think the price is too much after
    all I’m only gonna get like 4 games for it (donkey kong, wind waker, mario
    kart 8, smash bros)

  23. Protastic Person

    The Wii u has much more power than the xbox 360 and ps3…. its a good
    last-gen console.

  24. Herp Derp 1080p. Herp Derp 60 FPS. Why the fuck do you need them? To play
    Watch Dogs? Knack? Ryse? Driveclub? COD AW? “Fuck you! There’ll be
    Uncharted 4 and Halo 5 in the end of the year”. Good, so you buy a U$400
    plataform to play one great game each 2 years and meanwhile, in the middle
    of this time, you’ll be full of shitty games to play while you wait, ah,
    and those games can be sh!t to, as everybody hypped Driveclub and the
    result was, well, you know…

    Meanwhile Wii U is already full of 1st parties masterpieces, and if you
    think that Mario and Zelda is for kids just because of the style of those
    games, men, do never again name yourself a gamer.

  25. Μεγαλος Παπαρας

    I ve got ps4 and a wii u and believe me there are different consoles…. I
    love my wii u it’s awesome and ps4 when i play destiny is unique !!!!!!

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