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Injustice Gods Among Us Ultimate Edition PS Vita Review HD

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  1. The reason that the martian dude is not in the story is because i think he
    was DLC, released after the game came out. Also does this version have

  2. Godzillaman Gaming

    This game is awsome I can’t wait to get it for Christmas i first played it
    on ps4 and it was awsome too 

  3. Great review! But I got a question: Are all charakters available at the

  4. This makes the Android version look like shit.

  5. Awesome review

  6. Love this review. Is this game really worth buying?? Looks really cool

  7. Sup

  8. Can you play against AI because if I get this game I will play it mostly on
    the bus.

  9. JamesME Dalton

    Amazing review you can tell the reviewer put hard work into this review.
    Definitely will be picking this up the graphics may not be console quality
    but their still pretty sweet

  10. How long will you need to finish this game?

  11. blackmangrace 39

    So is the ps vita worth buying …

  12. Awesome review. You obviously put a lot of work in here, it is noticeable.
    Well done!

  13. JamesME Dalton

    Got any other game recommendations Eric?

  14. Nice review

  15. Daniel Sanchez

    hows the online community on this game? is there alot of players?

  16. Nice review

  17. Ryan George Goodman

    I loved this game, the cinematics were really poor mind. Great review
    though 😀 Really well made!

  18. Amazing review Eric. Loved the way you structured and styled this, nice
    text effects for the different sections. I liked the way you varied the
    footage between gameplay and cutscenes. Haha “devastating blow” then Flash
    goes all the way around with an impact punch. Shame about the graphics in
    the practice mode, lol 360p on YouTube. It seems a bit unfair that Joker is
    so powerful and haha that crowbar. LOOOL “get your lazy martian butt over
    here and give me a hand”, that is a shame that he’s not included in the
    main story but that he just watches from afar. LMAO “I hope you learn your
    lesson” Damn I remember Teen Titans, this brought back so many memories.
    Raven sounds like a horrible robot haha. LOL “Jon how you doing”, he’s like
    “you burned me you asshole” It’s great that the backgrounds are
    interactive, cos I’ve played quite a lot of fighting games where they don’t
    affect the gameplay, like with Tekken. It’s clear you’re a huge Justice
    League fan man, since you know all the original voice actors and stuff! You
    really enjoyed playing this game man, that much is clear from the review
    but you still gave it a fair score of 8.5. Haha John would have sunk to the
    bottom of the ocean if not for justice league. LOL nice wordplay at the
    end, I think it was justice bro, since he can’t just stand by and watch
    when you’re getting beaten by the baddies. Lol dem booooos hahaha, you
    matched that clip well to Batman being thrown! Evil Superman looked really
    scary at the end haha, overall an excellent review bro, I really enjoy
    these from you, you really pull out all the stops for these and it clearly
    shows. I enjoyed this more than any video you’ve done prior, keep up the
    great work bro, really excellent job! :)

  19. John Jones was added later as a DLC, so his not the main character.

  20. U r a horrible person for doing that to Martian, but it was pretty funny so
    u get my sub. Ur review style is pretty good honestly

  21. TMG LAProducer

    Hey! just sent you a youtube message because I wasn’t able to locate your
    business email. Let me know via the email in the message if you’re
    interested. Thanks! ~Claire

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