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  1. That guy turned into a robot at the end

  2. franmonkey avil

    the psp go has a built in memory stick so shut up

  3. he has a robot voice later in the video

  4. locustslayer5000

    oh man i agree

  5. PSP GO is TERRIBLE!!!!!!

  6. explain?

  7. The Ultimate Tech Channel

    @supergameplay no

  8. I think it should be a fact- that’s just me, though. Some people prefer the
    PSP, some prefer the DS.

  9. oh…my god 30 seconds

  10. sooo the memory stick come wif the psp yer????? if it does that is soooo
    crap cause i just bought a memory stick for my psp which im getting in a
    couple of weeks…..MANNN!!! i used all mii money and i needed that money
    to get mii bro a b-day present!!! well thx for telling mii!!! bye guyzz!!

  11. I don’t have a PSP, but I would probably prefer it. But I still LOVE my DS.

  12. actually its coming out this oct. 1st “2009” not 2010, 2012

  13. Francisco Acosta

    i has a psp go review

  14. lol, i didn’t even curse. you read the fucking dictionary and see what a
    curse word is. “twerp”.

  15. I like them both. they both have their advantages.

  16. yes. im more of a nintendo person seen ass i have the dsi and wii and lots
    more but im thinking about getting a psp old not new when iv got the money
    and no im not asking for it for xmas cos im hoping to get a ipod.

  17. dragonramiamjed

    lol,exactly u have a point LOL

  18. rofl ya i can tell he is happy

  19. James Reynolds

    This video is just messed up pile of ****

  20. I will tell u one thing u r a idiot

  21. I saw an ad for this in my DVD copy of “Godzilla: Final Wars”.

  22. hey people just put scotch tape over ur psp screen. Do it really good so
    that fingers prints wont show.

  23. i didn’t curse AT HIM is what i meant to say.

  24. 2000….???

  25. LifeBoxGaming__

    what Did He Just said PSP Graphics is just Like PS2 Graphics Wierd 🙂

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