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CGR Undertow – ADVANCE WARS: DAYS OF RUIN review for Nintendo DS

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  1. This is by far the best game in the Advance Wars series. Please please
    please Nintendo and Intelligent Systems. Make a new Advance Wars on 3DS.
    Incorporate the amazing improvements from this game and add more. It will
    be epic!


  3. This game was fantastic in my opinion. Straying far away from the colorful
    Orange Star, Blue Moon, etc. made me a little iffy about it, but I loved
    every past AW game. This game brought every small nook and cranny in to
    alignment, totally balanced, perfected movement system, revised CO Powers,
    and BETTER gameplay in general.

    leveling up units rewarded the careful and sparing commander, as well as
    forcing the commander to place his CO on the battlefield in order to obtain
    his CO power, brought a new and better air of balance and skill to the
    game. Along with the addition of wifi battling/map trading, and the beloved
    50 design map slots, this game is the best out of the entire series,
    regardless of the fact that it never even once relates to the older games.

    That bare bones AW 1 style gameplay in Days of Ruin, but perfected, brought
    the game to a simpler, and more skillful level. I loved Dual Strike as
    well, but it was a little too crazy for a Nintendo ‘Wars’ game, with Tag CO
    Powers. It brought a fun aspect to the series, but caused some serious
    balance issues.

    AW 1 – Fantastic game, single CO power, no spamming, very balanced
    AW 2 – Still Fantastic, rewards the patient player with Super CO power, not
    much spamming, mostly balanced.
    AW DS – Good game, grants almost total victory to the patient enough player
    to wait for their Dual Strike, annoying spamming CO power combos, rather
    AW DoR – Ultra Fantastic Amazing game – Revised to the peak of perfection,
    hard to obtain single CO power, definitely no spamming, Totally balanced,
    Perfect in every way.

  4. I’m fine with them making it more grey and dark and stuff……
    But why is it so pink?

  5. Also, kinda regretting I didn’t buy this when I had the chance.

  6. Great review. You definitely have the knack for this.

  7. Advance wars online doesn’t work with with my connection. Can you play on
    the maps you created with others

  8. last advance wars came out in 2008. it is now 2014. i think theyre done
    with the advance wars…

  9. hra, ktorá človeka chytí a nepustí

  10. In my opinion, it’s more acceptable when he makes these sort of videos when
    he’s reviewing multiple installments in a series in succession. Then it
    makes sense that he’d only talk about new/unique aspects of an entry, but I
    have to agree with you about this one. His last Advance Wars review was
    well over a year ago, and I can see how some would be frustrated. I enjoy
    Tj’s reviews the most though. It’s fun hearing him just talk about games,
    even if it’s not strictly a review, like here.

  11. PigkillerGaby07

    WE NEED ADVANCE WARS 3DS!!!!! FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK i wish advance wars dual
    strike had online man was the best game of all fuckin kanbei was OP hahahaha

  12. i have this game

  13. SeizureSaladDressing

    Days of ruin sounds metal as fuck

  14. I love Fire Emblem more, but I hope Nintendo announces a new 3DS Advance
    Wars soon!

  15. literally one of the best games on the ds

  16. I just couldn’t get into this game. probably because I’m terrible at
    tactical strategy.

  17. He should review Panzer Tactics for the Nds, one of my favorite games on
    the ds.

  18. Me too! I love this series!

  19. this review lacked on detail about the game , TJ is trying soo hard to be
    funny lately while in fact he forgets tht he has to review a game ,

  20. donotresussitate

    Why not put the whole series on the Wii U for download?

  21. I loved the first 3, but this one they killed all my favorite characters I
    fought to protect. I was not a fan.

  22. I like TJ’s reviews but I dont get half his references.

  23. michaeljacksoned

    You really aren’t used to TJ, are you? He’s not one to pander to the

  24. undertow is a noob compared to mark

  25. DukeOnkledNukem

    what a coincidence, I was playing this gem last night

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