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Alienware 14 Gaming Laptop Review! With Gameplay!

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  1. those games are old why didnt you do a gameplay review with games like GTA
    4, Call of Duty or Skyrim

  2. he sounds like hermit the frog from muppets 

  3. Miss Okami-san

    scroll down to see a bunch of 10 year olds talking about their *Custom
    Gaming Rigs*
    By that they mean (mom and dad’s Walmart desktop)

  4. “my answer to all the hate comments: if you don’t like my review, go make
    your own.”

    No. If people don’t like your reviews, it means you need to improve upon
    them and make them better. What good would it be to do something that
    nobody likes?

  5. dude i’m american an I like to people from different countries learn new
    languages and I hope that you master the English language and that u have a
    successful life and soar in the career you are into peace. ohhhhh and I
    subbbbbbed sorry for the exaggeration

  6. XXXBlAdEmAztErXXX

    I got a question , is this laptop run games smoothley ? Whats the lowest
    fps on this ? Ima get this on graduation day (: on june ! Thank you and im
    your 200th like (:

  7. selloutrecords

    I have the alienware 14 and it’s a great laptop but I must say, with a
    laptop as powerful as it is, u should show games that are really
    graphically pushing to show how good it is, not something like sonic. 

  8. I like you but do you have a braces or something? I can understand you but
    when you put the cc on about every word on the cc is wrong compared to what
    you say. Or do you have a condition?

  9. Goes to amazon, orders 1,300$ laptop meant to play games with great
    quality. Comes in the mail 2 days later. Excited to play games. Opens it. *plays
    GTA San andreas, a ps2 game, and sonic, and the almighty amnesia*…….Not
    to hate, I don’t intend to, but, you should’ve been getting gameplay of
    like GTA 4 or Call of Duty or Skyrim or hell even Minecraft since its a
    modern game…dude…I’m sorry, but I don’t think people want games from
    the early 2000s….But otherwise good video.

    Video Rate: 6.5/10

  10. Hey dude how good is it for mograph visual productivity and after effects
    rendering ?

  11. Mrfunkynoodles

    This looks really bad,like that frame rate and stutter, don’t buy an alien
    ware… Just don’t, build a PC instead

  12. Alejandro Lott

    YOu have pretty good english

  13. if you’re gonna show these very old games you. why did you just use a mac

  14. Michael shane Dye

    wtf is with your voice lmao

  15. Slenderware

  16. who do you think you are mr i think i know everything

  17. Triston Webber

    don’t waste anytime worrying about what people say or think. if you do then
    basically you allow them to dictate how u feel,react and act plus they take
    up space in your head. so just worry about you and what u think. have a
    great day

  18. Omfg ur playing sonic out of all games why didn’t u play Cod or Gta 4 or 5 

  19. Haha your voices is funny but for someone which english is not his first
    language good job 😉 ( coming from someone who is not english as well and
    would not be able to speak as well as you ! 😉 )

  20. Whats the name of the program thats monitoring your hardware on the right
    of the display?

    Thanks :)

  21. TheEpicUsername

    I’d rather not have a 1 inch thick laptop.

  22. this is better than the original objectively

  23. thinking of buying this laptop, does it make much fan noise while gaming
    and does it get hot?
    i have a MSIgx70 and it is loud as hell like a hairdryer

  24. S Shafi Husain

    Thanks for the review. I liked it much. I am a new Alienware 14 user and
    also new to games. I have a question if I may. How can I make sure that I
    am using maximum out of my laptop? I also liked the widgets you have on
    your desktop. Where did you get them from? Can you help with a video on how
    to ready new alienware for games? You know, the necessary software needed,

  25. Stephen Silvia

    Fuq m8 he can max GTA SA, Das killer m9. Test with real games you dumb
    shit. This is proof that alienware owners are fucktwits

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