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CGRundertow – BULLETSTORM for PlayStation 3 Video Game Review

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  1. billybobmybutt

    my favorite FPS ever! 

  2. SICK GAME!!!!

  3. Ruud Langezaal

    It is brilliant!

  4. To really get BULLETSTORM you have to see the game Duty Calls. Google it.

  5. The ending to this game pissed me off. Why make a game that promotes itself
    as better than Call Of Duty when the ending to it is similar to COD? It
    literally ends in a Quick Time Event that takes itself way too seriously
    and goes against the whole return to the straight up shooting vibe that the
    game promoted.

  6. We need sequel to this game it kinda ended with a cliff hanger.

  7. The people who are hating on this game should explain their view point, so
    far it’s only been a comparison to other shooters. Some points have been
    strange, such as the game donning a more serious tone the story became
    deeper. Something a characters voice making them quit, or repetitive
    gameplay. Many other games like half life/half life 2 had some repetitive
    gameplay when reaching point A to point B. This isn’t bad as long as it
    isn’t for too long a period, and I feel Bullet storm had some good pacing. 

  8. Canadian Turtle

    Whao, the game looks so bad on CGR tv lol

  9. gwarriorfromhell

    This game is 5 or 6 hours if u play on the easiest difficulty and blast
    through it. I go balls first and go to very hard mode off the bat, and have
    had several hours of fun just going around and trying to finish my
    skillshot lists

  10. Really? Dichotomy?

  11. Killing with style, reason enough to like this game. Looks like a cool game.

  12. UndercoverCracker

    @MrMagicalToast What about this game is good?

  13. Real men wait for price drops

  14. UndercoverCracker

    Shitty game.

  15. UndercoverCracker

    @MrMagicalToast Just admit it isn’t as good as Bioshock, Crysis 1 and 2,
    and Half Life!

  16. ironically, thats exactly what you ended up doing

  17. @UndercoverCracker Nada.

  18. “The game’s not hard on the eyes” Walks into blinding sun

  19. real men become what they hate

  20. $10 new at eb games

  21. MrMagicalToast

    @UndercoverCracker dude this game is fantastic

  22. MrMagicalToast

    @UndercoverCracker Why? That’s retarded. They’re not even comparable
    because all of those games are completely different from this one. i enjoy
    all of them, except for crysis because i haven’t played it, in different
    ways. Arguing which one is better is so immature. Even if you don’t enjoy
    bulletstorm as much as some of those other games, at least admit that it’s
    a good game.

  23. civilwarfare101

    @ZENXMETAL Bloody screen!!! So real!!!

  24. Good job Derek, I like the way you handled this review!

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