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48 Hours with the Xbox One!

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  1. Jonathan Morrison

    Here’s our thoughts on Xbox One after spending the weekend with it! Feel
    free to +1/share if you enjoyed! 

  2. Jonathan Morrison

    +Harris Craycraft it is a Sennheiser MKH 416 P48. 

  3. XboxOne Universe

    I’d rather have a fucking wii u and be subjected to….playstation…just
    the name is evil

  4. PS4 is good but XBOX ONE is better

  5. I’m a PlayStation fan but all my friends have Xbox one what should I do 

  6. Pc360gamer Mann

    Fuck you ps4 is way better bitch

  7. The Crazy Gamer

    In my opinion the fact that the Xbox one is supposed to be used as a cable
    box and a gaming machine is stupid a console is for GAMING!

  8. Pc360gamer Mann

    Yo im into xbox one now never going back to playstation

  9. sony suck a** micorsoft is way way BETTER

  10. you sorta look like the Monk from the tv show Vikings haha, awesome! =)

  11. Wow I really don’t like that UI….

  12. Espurr Gaming69

    Xbox 1 sucks 

  13. Dead rising 3 is the stupiest game ever saw wtf he is holding traffic light
    what is this trash? on the other hand Rising Rome game is the BEST game
    ever saw. and i hate that is only avaliable for the stupid xbox1.

  14. xbox is trash

  15. What console do you believe I should get? My friends all have ps4 all
    thought I want a Xbox 1? I’m so confused

  16. Should I buy one

  17. mohammad hossein Babaei

    Dude i’m not complaining or anything but the hands are really a big
    issue… just saying…

  18. Wii U’s the best!

  19. I love the Xbox One is really good it works great the controllers work
    wonderful im a microsoft Fan and they have made the best gaming console
    I’ve ever played. (My opinion)

  20. brandon currier

    Oh yh ps4 the best uh where’s the fucking games!

  21. If you get all the game ing systems in the entier world than you have an

  22. Why do you call it 48 hours with the xboxone?

  23. The only thing i hate is that XO still has to CHARGE THE FUCKIN REMOTE

  24. really nice review 🙂 :)

  25. I must say I like the entertainment features of the xbox1 but for me I
    don’t need them when I play games I am so focused to the point that certain
    features would distract me from playing games could you imagine a hard-core
    gamer playing cod or bf4 and skyping at the same time it would be a
    distraction but I must say the entertainment features are good 

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