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MicroSoft XBox 360 Kinect Games Review

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  2. Damion Tummons

    Great review mate cheers.

  3. Anshdeep Kohli

    I have xbox…..

  4. Good idea, though since it’s not quite a 1:1 ratio, I’m not sure how
    effective it would be. If there is any delay at all, it might be too messy.
    It’s close, don’t get me wrong, but I can almost guarantee they are still
    making improvements. Personally, I can’t wait to try out Tiger Woods 13.
    That’s a big step in the right direction if they can pull it off in a way
    that makes me want to stand up and play for long periods of time.

  5. Bobbit Goes BOOM

    Great review, glad someone did a look at fitnees envolved, does that game
    have a steady learning curve?

  6. great review. I cant wait to give a kinect myself

  7. Wow, that was quick! I just uploaded it 30 minutes ago. 🙂 Glad it helped,
    and please let me know if you have any questions at all.

  8. Carmen Jimenez

    hey, i think this was a very good video. i want to buy a xbox 360 4gb, and
    i would apreciate if u could make a video in which you could show,
    everything you can do with the game of kinectimals. thanks

  9. great video review very informative thanks for inviting me into your home

  10. please, kill the cat!

  11. Yes, I will do a shorter, separate review just on the voice commands,
    because that does deserve some attention (in a good way). I’ll post it this
    week. Fitness Evolved, from what I’ve seen, does an excellent job of
    training you to do each and every move….maybe to a fault. I haven’t had
    time to get into a “routine”, but as long as you can skip the very helpful
    tutorials later on, then they did it right.

  12. James Resurreccion

    Best review so far. Thanks for the video. I ordered the bundle from Amazon
    yesterday, but if I saw this vid earlier, I probably wouldn’t have to be
    waiting for Amazon to re-up stock.

  13. 0:34 – 0:37 There is meowing thumbs up if you hear It!

  14. My Siamese cat is very rude. I apologize on her behalf. 🙂

  15. 0:37 does anyone else hear meowing???

  16. I thought that was my neighbors cat

  17. Fantastic review. Thanks!

  18. nice review…you pointed out a lot of things that would help people
    determine if it is something they would be willing to purchase…

  19. Aw3some ! man! I’m geTTin THis after 2 or 3 weEks :))) how mUhc WiLl it
    cost in euro’s??? plz reply Fast THankS and nice rEview! and plz can u give
    me its specificationS! thANkS ALoT!

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