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Sly Cooper Collection (PS Vita) Review

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  1. I love the Sly Cooper series and I’m getting a Vita soon. I have a free
    download of Sly 4 on there, so my question is: Should I buy this
    collection, too? I have it on my PS3, too, but the games actually came with
    the console when I bought it, so I don’t feel like it would be a waste of

  2. Sly Cooper is my number 1 favourite so when i heard it was for Vita i was

  3. Butters Stotch

    Don’t know if I should get this or the PS3 version

  4. Dammit now I’m gonna have to buy a vita! I love sly to much :(

  5. never played a Sly Cooper game, what can you compare this game to?

  6. Sebastian Arturo Araya Carvajal

    As always, great review.

  7. Nice review, I could totally see you working at IGN or something similar.

  8. I don’t really think that Sly Cooper is my type of game but I have never
    tried one so I might have to try one at some point, I really like the way
    you review games, not unfair and biased like reviewers such as Machinima.

  9. SlyCooperVideos

    Sly cooper is my favorite game series they were my child hood games I’ve
    played them so many times now I can play them one the go 

  10. 2:43 the r1 button does exist 

  11. Good review, good to hear the framerate is solid.
    Will follow for future reviews 

  12. Soopersil3ntassasin

    I remember when I was five my cousin showed me this game and I had so much
    fun but when I left I never saw it again I am to gain some heavy nostalgia
    points from this one :D

  13. So were is the ratchet and clank trilogy review? 

  14. Do any of these games have free roam?

  15. got this game and it works smoothly for the most part , now i want them to
    make devil may cry collection on my vita too

  16. How about ratchet and clank trilogy for vita now >:/?!

  17. God of football

    Another great review, Nice work Ryan!

  18. i have this game on my vita..it’s very fun :)

  19. Hey Mystic, I’ve recently bought a PS4 (I was a Xbox 360 gamer) Should i
    buy a PS3 or Vita for all of these awesome HD Collection games? And if so
    does the Vita run the games decently compared to the PS3?

  20. Mystic, this is seriously a really solid review. It’s straight to the
    point, and no bias whatsoever. Hope you do more frequent reviews in the

  21. man i want a vita but $200 for only a handful of games i want is too
    much…..well $200 isnt too much but counting the memory cards it is

  22. Just spent $40 to get SAO: HF on Vita few days ago and now seems like I
    have to get this collection, well at least it’s for $10 right now on PSN :)

  23. Is it worth getting if I already have the ps3 version?

  24. Looks like a excellent port. Never played any of the Sly Cooper games so
    will definitely pick them up for my Vita.

  25. Is the Dimitri swimming level in Sly 3 still a bitch to do? 

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