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sony psp go review

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  1. It doesn’t matter with the name, it does matter on the system. You are

  2. Luv mine totally hack its baddass when u hack it

  3. @pspgolover11 cool ill watch 🙂

  4. i luv sony and i hve a psp 3000

  5. I have a ps vita should i sell it and get a psp go

  6. jerryOnAjourney

    great review bro, getting one soon

  7. Is dbz on this

  8. @homer4556 you cant use them anymore cuzz there is no umd slot on the
    system, and if you have some old psp games then there preety much useless,
    unless you go to game stop and trade them in for the psp go version

  9. @Ps3fanman197 do you need media go

  10. @pspgolover11 You should have waited til this coming Feb to get the new PSP
    Vita.You can download ANY games from any region now.Your not just limited
    to your own countrys available games.

  11. do you play on line

  12. I just got one psp go

  13. @Ps3fanman197 cool you know i will watch

  14. You think PlayStationPortable Go sounds dumb? Just take the name PSP NGP
    (Now the PSP Vita). PlayStationPortable Next Generation Portable. Yeah…

  15. @whywontmycakebake if your a person who travels alot, and would like to
    play games on the go and not carry UMDs all over the place thenyea, but if
    dont travel that much and and just plays their psp in the house most of the
    time then no, but its totally up to you

  16. @TheJames4321ist i get them from the playstation store on my ps3

  17. @TheJames4321ist if you have wifi or a ps3 then you dont need it

  18. Yes there is dbz on it.

  19. @NASuperj thanks bro ill be making more videos so check those out soon:)

  20. where do you get your demos from

  21. nice video,i got the Xperia Play (psp phone) its awesome! love all psp

  22. Can u download ps3 games on 2 this

  23. TrapperMikeHunter


  24. michael portelli

    sony is the best i own like every game console go sony

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