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CGR Undertow – PICROSS DS review for Nintendo DS

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  1. Ash the Raccoon

    Oh Picross how I love you! X3

  2. David Hernandez

    its looks hard i know how to play sudoku they say its something like it but
    im not sure if its worth buying im looking for reviews trying to learn if i
    could figuare it out

  3. Love this game. I’ve actually started downloading nonograms (apparently the
    formal name for this type of puzzle) and printing them out on paper. Now if
    THAT’s not some hardcore Picross gaming…

  4. There are two Picross games by the same company (three including Mario’s
    Picross) available for download in the eShop.

  5. If you don’t like the stylus controls of Picross DS (or your touchscreen is
    out of alignment), you can also switch to button controls that are closer
    to the old games. In addition you don’t have to zoom in on a portion of the
    screen if you use the buttons.

  6. shame this didnt really kick off in the UK

  7. This is TJ. The “usual guy” you’re referring to is probably Derrick.

  8. This isn’t Derek, but another guy.

  9. This the same guy as always? His voice seems different

  10. TheDragonDAFan


  11. rectallyravaged

    this game is a must buy for puzzle fans

  12. I need this to be a download able title on my 3ds…but it’s Nintendo were
    talking about, hopeless dream…

  13. DradthemercenaryXV

    there’s a ·3D version of Piccross for the DS it was made by HAL and it’s a
    hell of an adictive game

  14. The Gaming Paladin

    picross is tricky but fun, sounds good

  15. This game makes no sense to me at all. But I can’t math at all either.

  16. I wish the cart could’ve tracked the amount of time I spent on this game. A
    real gem.

  17. Zeke TheTasteless

    Incoming Picross 3D review…

  18. A 3D picross game would have you cross-referencing three layers of data
    instead of two, and it would probably be five times harder at least.
    Alternatively, you could solve 6 separate puzzles on cube or cuboid faces,
    with the internal parts filling themselves in when the puzzle is done.

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