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Setting up your PC for liquid nitrogen cooling

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  1. I use a fire extinguisher to cool down my cpu;

  2. How much FPS did you get in BF4 after doing this?

  3. waat… overclocking champion? i won’t even doubt that there will be
    fapping tournament xD

  4. Soon theyll start cooling cpus by putting them in outer space. 

  5. Buy stuff -> assemble -> become overclocking champion… that’s rather
    lame. Would have been cool to see people making component and stuff, not
    just store bought. That was anyone can buy it and the person with a good
    build and a lucky good chip gets the price -_-

  6. Instructions weren’t clear enough. Penis now stuck in toaster.

  7. Tukan Tukanovich

    Would anyone care to explain me the hype with overclocking championships?
    Since you can cool it down enough, you can overclock it as long as you
    want, don’t you?

  8. Do you have to keep putting liquid nitrogen in there, if so doesn’t that
    gets annoying having to refill it

  9. boy look at how professionally he cut that foam, man you can tell thats
    pure world champion overclocking skills! hahahahah

  10. You’re overclocking to this extent, yet have an ancient keyboard, badly cut
    foam, and a filthy monitor?

  11. Orion Gonzalez

    Jake Crimmins demonstrates building a PC for extreme CPU overclocking with
    liquid nitrogen cooling.
    Yes! “Liquid Nitrogen”
    Just Imagine the 3D CGI VFX Art you can do with this bad boy!
    I’m In Love!!!

  12. can you put small amounts of liquid nitrogen only inside a liquid cooler?

  13. *Liquid Nitrogen*!? What the Hell are you running on that thing?!

  14. BuildMeASnowmanBiatch

    First liquid cooling, and now nitro cooling. What’s next? Moving to
    antarctic and sticking your PC in the ground? 

  15. Lorenzo Pacheco

    And what exactly about getting too cold causes the CPU to stop functioning?

  16. Hey +Corsair I am trying to build a gaming PC, however, I currently have
    very low income. I am 19, still a student, but I do not have the expenses
    like most people to afford a nice gaming PC. I am stuck using my Leonovo
    Windows 8.1 laptop 🙁 Would you help me out? 

  17. TrueSpoon | 1.4k

    I only have yellow shop towels.. is that okay?

  18. ways to much thermal paste 

  19. Yes! finally I can play Minecraft in 68K resolution on my 240 Monitors!

  20. Wtf, when he started pouring that liquid nitrogen he actually spilled
    some?? Nobody else saw that?!

  21. Dude thats crazy if it leaks your whole com is straight up dead

  22. A world champion overclocker? Of course theres a world champion for

  23. Real men use liquid Helium.

  24. I love this video, because I buy Liquid Nitrogen quite often =)

  25. What about mineral oil?

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