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CES 2014: MSI Gaming Laptops

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  1. Daniel De la fuente

    how much noise does it make?

  2. msi gs70 and?

  3. Boring ass interview, extremely boring presentation from guy on screen. I
    cut all the videos about the main gaming laptops short. 

  4. um ha uh uh ah uh, um, yeah um, uh ah ah uh uh uh. you know but ahhhhhhh
    ummmm.. ah uh uh ah um ah or ah….
    This guy needs to be fired

  5. Hey let us know when it actually comes out to the market

  6. Does it have an IPS display?

  7. 480p??

  8. Wow that’s a nice concept model. 

  9. main= msi , typo.

  10. uh uh uh uh uh

  11. jesusreignonhigh

    no 14″ gaming laptop here and there? bump

  12. bart batenburg

    when will it be released 

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