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CGR Undertow – DEFIANCE review for PlayStation 3

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  1. LOL he clearly don’t know shit about reall quality work, this wrestling fan
    is just mumbling words to make him feel like an idiot

  2. I’m getting this game! By now they had to fix most of the issues! Lol I
    love your character and agree with playing with females! Much better to
    look at xD lol

  3. It’s glitchy for sure but I still think it’s rather entertaining. It’s
    cheap and it’s fun…for a time. Enjoy it while it lasts.

  4. MauricioGamePlays

    yo jugue y estoi pasandola re bien 

  5. TedTLogan Awakened

    This guy has no idea how to review games. Also he likes wrestling… but
    thinks sci fi is lame. I’d take science fiction over half naked men rubbing
    up against each other any day

  6. know what type of guy ur not….a game review guy

  7. If you’re still interested in this game: 1. Play it on Xbox 360(nowhere
    near as glitchy as this and netcode is all-around better) 2. Play on PC(pc
    master race and all that guff) 3. Play Firefall instead(ITS SO GOOD)

  8. What makes you think I’m new to Undertow? I know he has that issue you
    point out. However, you said ALL his reviews. I’ve seen him review games
    quite far in, yet I STILL see comments about Derek must’ve played “only the
    tutorial”, “only 15 minutes”, “barely an hour” etc. Generalisation is a
    very, very bad thing to do.

  9. StraightEdgeFury

    Daniel Bryan! YES! YES! YES! YES! YES! YES!

  10. starwarsfanboy101

    The TV show sucks i Falling Skies is far more intresting an deep…but
    really the best sci-fi shows were fringe, battlestar galactica and
    firefly… No show can touch them 😀

  11. Exit Entertainment


  12. Second

  13. To be castrated by a blind man

  14. and then it hits me…this whole entire game is a very cheap ripoff of the
    entire Borderlands formula… -sigh- That shouldn’t be a bad thing, but
    after renting this last weekend and watching this review, i clearly see how
    much ass this game should have kicked, but instead it licked ass. licked
    ass? yes..licked ass. because kicking ass is fun, licking ass is gross.
    That’s how i felt playing this game…gross. Like i was cheating on gearbox
    with this TV drama based glitch-orgy. -_-

  15. Hungry

  16. why does this look a lot like borderlands?

  17. Surprised he didn’t also make the review 50% about the platform the game
    was released on, or the gaming landscape it was released to, instead of the
    actual game.

  18. Perla Gonzalez

    U mentioned smackdown review over ur gay quit trying to sound smart u like
    watching guys oiled up and jump each other

  19. Kazuma Faémura

    DCUO is a very boring game

  20. I don’t think this is an MMO but a single player game with other players in

  21. i cant be that bad… i thought this game was already patched or something.

  22. Can you please show me a game where you can reach as high as lvl 44 within
    15 minutes? Cause he had a lvl 44 character at one point during the video.

  23. ConstantComedy01

    Hahaha walk back and u will b fine xD and i was gonna buy this lol

  24. Dosent look all that horrible

  25. Did you just steal my act?!

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