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My Honest Review of the Xbox One! (COD Ghosts Gameplay)

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  1. dude you talk like you have a banana stuck in your throat! lol.. 

  2. ricardo guzman

    One easy solution to fit the Xbox….get a bigger desk

  3. PowerzapMinecraft

    I am getting an Xbox One soon, and I kind of like the VCR like console. I
    actually like it for some reason. I really don’t know why people hate it.

  4. i think i would prefer the PS4 however the XB1 has some nice features +
    exclusives i want, there are things that push me to PS4 however i have a
    win 8 pc and win 8 phone so an XB1 would fit in and connect with the
    microsoft collection 

  5. I added you

  6. My opinion the xbone is the best console hate on me all you want call me a
    fanboy even though I was a sony person but I like the bulkiness I like the
    kinect it works great but if they had the bundle withoughy the kinect at
    launch I wouldve bought it and the exclusives coming to xbone are gonna be
    great dont forget to mention that the paywall is taken down and games for
    gold is coming plus discounts twords games oand the xbone controller doesnt
    feel to cluttered and its a perfect size to fit right in your hands the
    xbone is a great conse and so is ps4 tge decelopers really did a great Job
    and made next gen a great next gen 

  7. I’ve been thinking about getting an XB1 but there is no point getting it
    when all the games I play can be played on the 350 (CoD, Fifa, GTA etc.) I
    think it looks like it’s definitely worth getting from what I’ve seen and
    what I’ve played at friend’s houses, just not worth getting it YET.

  8. Xbox has great features like really awesome features for peeps that wana
    have fun but ps4 is for hardcore gamers I like Xbox and I have a Xbox 1
    its great nothing like my headset is broke and my lil brothers birthday was
    4 days ago and he has ps4 he has ac4 last of us FIFA 14 thief and watch
    dogs dogs now we stayed up all night and beat watch dogs so he loves ps4
    he didn’t get the new cod or madden or NBA 2k14 cuz he is watering for new
    ones to come out.thats in our living room . now I have a Xbox one I love to
    its sooooooo awesome I love TV on it it looks better than my regular TV lol
    if I plug my hemi cable in my Xbox 360 and one I can play with my Xbox 360
    friends and games from my Xbox one peeps say the connect is stupid and
    does not work u toast use it tons and yesterday I said Xbox go back and I
    didn’t but I said to agent and it did and the games I have are the new ufc
    game frosa 5 cod ghosts NBA 2k 14 madden 25 watch dogs raise son of Rome
    titan fall dead rising 3 watch dogs need for speed rivals and thatsmit

  9. My TV has a headphone jack built into it. What I do is plug my headset into
    that and put the mic that comes with the XB1 around my neck. Looks kind of
    like how the pros play at tournaments lol

  10. i hav xbox one

  11. Yuckiercactus57

    When I record the recording looks better than it does on the TV.

  12. $530? Lol in NY it’s $544 xD But I will try to get it off amazon so I won’t
    have to pay that extra $44. But I need to save up and sell my 360

  13. ZanMasterZ IsAwesome

    When I walk away I don’t get singed out

  14. Yuckiercactus57

    What’s your gamer tag Nero?

  15. my honest opinion of ”xcockone” is I think it’s one of the worst consoles
    i’ve ever seen microsoft fucking betrayed me in the ass when I heard about

    1 this is without a doubt one of the worst console names in gaming history
    2 the name is like saying were suppose to forget about the original xbox
    like TF
    3 it’s purpose is based on being on TV
    4 it’s basicly an updated VCR that I don’t give a shit about that gamers
    would be disappointed with

    Xboxone in my humble opinion is not a console for gamers as mush as it
    pains me to say it i’d rather go back and playing the 360 or the original
    xbox than to play this piece of shit

  16. TillDeathGaming

    Sweet, the new consoles are out. I can finally afford to buy a 360!

  17. Moldeyawsome12

    Fuck Microsoft, Fuck Sony, Nintendo will always be the best! Tell me what
    can beat Zelda, Mario, Metroid, Donkey Kong, Pikmin, or Bayonetta?

  18. BattlefieldWarOps

    When do u think the price drop will come?

  19. Would be happy to game with you anytime Nero.
    Congrats on 100k btw! Nearly :D

  20. sony has your soul lol their just computers 

  21. Whats the song at the end of the video

  22. add me on xb1 my gt is kingcrush07

  23. BigBoss Gaming

    I Have 39954 gamer s

  24. Nero add me on cbox one my gt is xxragemomentsxx

  25. What gun and attachments are you using?!!! Please respond anybody 

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