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Classic Game Room HD – BURNOUT REVENGE for Xbox 360 review

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  1. I’m hear to tell you, if your watching this video to for the game play your
    a nerd… Me, I’m on a cell getting head while driving, yea… Your never
    be as good as me:) 

  2. I prefer the Xbox version of the game because the graphics look better and
    the car parts actually break off, unlike the PS2 one, where they only break
    off if you crash.

  3. Efren Rivera Junior

    What ever happened to the burnout series

  4. 1: Burnout 4 (Revenge)
    2: Burnout 5 (Paradise)
    3: Burnout 3 (Takedown)

  5. VideoGamePervert

    For me Burnout 3 was the best after that Burnout Revenge!

  6. MaxDoesGames (sorta)

    At 0:30 what is the s- Oh. Unwritten law:FIGHT.

  7. Christopher Hades

    If you ask me, the Burnout and Forza Horizon series are the only racing
    games worth a damn! Both are designed beautifully, both are deep with
    content, and both are tremendously fun to play!

  8. xXxMartin96xXx

    this may be the PS2 game with the best graphics.

  9. Is it me or is the person sounds like Joe Swanson from Family Guy?

  10. Stephen Aderanti

    Revenge rocks 

  11. Awesome! I’ve got a record on the demo of this game! (:

  12. 4:10 Michael Bay’s wet dream.

  13. “I don’t understand the purpose of the crashing events but they are great
    stress relief” I think that is the point 🙂 I love this game

  14. yeah, you realy cant do anything wrong by puting nice metal music into a
    stress releaving racing carnage game like this, nfs underground is another
    good one, thx to music.

  15. RomeoTheBeast11

    Just bought this game today on Xbox Live for 5 bucks.. Had to.. I loved the
    burnout games back in the day but never owned this one. Backlog is already
    crazy but oh well this was too good to pass up. great game hope a sequel is
    in the works

  16. I got my college roommate into this game.
    Shit got intense.

  17. Alejandro Moreno Luna

    supera a todos los de mas

  18. That was the best burnout game ever!

  19. I meant burnout paradise, I geuss I shouldve checked my comment BEFORE I

  20. I just went out and bought burnout revenge, and I’m not impressed, it’s
    fun, but I prefer to play this one. This one’s more fun, but if you prefer
    graphics, and the open city, then get paradise

  21. Martin Buenrostro

    It felt so fucking good taking out a car. Every time.

  22. OMG I dont wanna be wreckless in real life i will never drive again i swear
    to god i will not do risk or daring by my rival opponent but i used to have
    this game but the game went to my brother friend i dont have them anymore i
    do think it fun i love it it hard to earn gold when your on a time limit to
    unlock a hot rod and even newer cars how do you race without getting your
    car blown up by crash breaker event and how do you earn gold without
    turning silver and bronze without no crashing it really hard in these game
    even how do you crash a truck completely to fill up the bar hardie truck
    and pickup trucks and even these cars are hard to explode you need full

  23. I like this one more than the Burnout Paradise. Why? Because in this you
    can crash into cars and cause complete havoc, without wondering if i hit
    next little taxi, my race is over. (Ofcourse crashing only applied to
    vehicles that are going the same direction as you and are small, so you
    couldnt smash trucks, busses etc.)

  24. Steven Radburn

    this version of the burnout series is by far the best they messed things up
    with paradise I still play revenge on the xbox 360 now and there is still a
    good following , I downloaded it from the marketplace for £14.99 seems
    like a lot for an arcade game , but after just 2 days online I feel I have
    received my moneys worth :)

  25. Originally this game was made with the xbox crystal so that is why I baught
    a xbox crystal with it don’t belive check my channel its called Harry 8521

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