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Sony PS Vita Review

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  1. Is this still worth buying now? Compared to the 3ds there seems like barely
    any games are coming out for it anymore 

  2. I’m In Tokyo right now, I saw the PSP vita there were cheap, like 185$ for
    the vita. Not sure if Wi-Fi only or other ones. So I think it’s worth it To
    buy one here

  3. Cold hard piece of plastic will be the friend of countless people. 

  4. On the psp web browser can you go on you tube?


  6. francesco orona-samms

    your showing shit that we can see the analog and the buttons you suck dick

  7. How do you know this stuff if it just came out years ago

  8. This is playstation vita! Thank u to show it with your finger!!

  9. New Dissidia game or GTFO.

  10. I have an original PS Vita, and let me put it this way… I really don’t
    like Singleplayer- games that much, and I’ve completed the entire story and
    collected most of the items in Uncharted: Golden Abyss ( and this is coming
    from the same guy who uninstalled Bioshock Infinite ). 

  11. I women that actually knows what she’s talking about when it comes to tech?
    I’m looks at you iJustine….

  12. which is beter psp-3000 or ps vita pls suggest me soon today i want to buy

  13. Compass?? What does she mean by that??

  14. Finally a woman talking about tech on youtube that’s not an idiot, looking
    at you “iJustine”

  15. On the psp web browser can you go on you tube?

  16. You forgot about the psp go

  17. Mine did not come with a memory card

  18. SpookyApparition

    I like how this woman talks

  19. Sony will eventually go the way of all Proprietary vendors, Android will
    devour all within 10 years

  20. My phone has a quad core proccer

  21. only wish it could play flash & html5 videos

  22. JonDoesNothingButWatchVideosOnThisChannel

    I don’t get why you’d rather have a more expensive iPhone or tablet that
    plays games that you get bored of after 10-20 minutes than have a vita that
    has Internet, like any other mobile device it also plays high-end quality
    games, like LBP, Tearaway and COD etc. rather than just playing Angry Birds
    on your iPhone.

  23. The 3ds lets you use regular sd cards

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