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PSVita: MLB 14 The Show – Buy or NO Buy

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  1. should i get MLB 15 on vita?

  2. Can these games be played by newcomers or is that too hard?

  3. JamesME Dalton

    Ok I’m convinced. I’m gonna buy this. I’ve been wanting to play a baseball
    game for so long. The last MLB game I bought was 2k9 lol

  4. are you able to save at any time ? or do you have to play the entire game.

  5. I have it for the ps4 we should play some time man. 

  6. Get the PS4 version and remote play it.

  7. He sucks at mlb 

  8. Hey Marc, just wondering what your thoughts were on The Show 15 for Vita?
    It’s going to be digital only (I have to delete some things off my memory
    card, but I have some PSP games I don’t play anymore anyway). But it’s
    only going to be $19.99, which I think is pretty cool. Still no online
    play, but I’m going to get it for PS4 as well because I want to be able to
    play the same franchise on both. 

  9. Chris Quintana

    I really think this game is good I have 12 and 13 the show for vita still
    and have 14 yea people may say it sucks but I love it.

  10. What were they thinking no online multiplayer……boooo!!!!!!

  11. I loved MLB 12. When 13 came out, It was alright. And 14, wow. You’d thing
    they’d put in replays or something. And taking MULTIPLAYER out!?!?!
    Ridiculous! But It’s still a good game on the road. 

  12. are there replays in mlb 14 the show on ps vita? cuz i dont see any

  13. if it aint broke dont fix it

  14. Can ps vita players play against ps4 players? 

  15. So can you do a traditional franchise mode where you just pick your fav
    team and play a (shortened) season/post season with it? And can u customize
    the rosters and edit the players stats?

  16. Vita has no dam presentation… it’s ridiculous… If they would just
    put in some presentation the game might be MUCH more realistic and

  17. What version should i buy i dont know

  18. If the game play is good you don’t want tons of changes, just slight
    improvements here and there… But presentation should always be better …
    They just don’t want to give presentation to the Vita .. No reason they
    couldn’t they just don’t want too.. 

  19. I was really disappointed in this game I felt like they made no changes
    what so ever I wish they would have took as much time on the ps vita
    version as they did with the ps4 version because I don’t have the ps4 I’m
    dieing to get one but yeah I played 14 the show once on my friends ps4 and
    I instantly fell in love with the game I loved the road to show and the
    graphics were amazing I mean the people in the stands look better then the
    players in mlb 2k13 on the xbox 360

  20. Wow they took out multiplayer besides home run derby? That’s ridiculous. 

  21. How do you update the rosters on mlb 13 the show for the vita

  22. Wow they took out multiplayer besides home run derby? That’s ridiculous. 

  23. I would rather get MLB13 on vita since it’s so cheap but does 13 still get
    roster updates? 

  24. Jonathan Laubach

    hey is diamond dynasty in this version of the game? I mean really that is
    one feature I missed on the show 13 on vita. 

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