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sony psp go review

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  1. gay ass video

  2. can you play videos with the controls slided in?

  3. someone help me my psp go has yello on the back rubber thins how do i clean

  4. omg i was just kidding ok? no harms done wow u really took it seriously?
    thats sad bro watever peace

  5. ill c wat i can do

  6. @zombi1222 the color. lol

  7. MaGiCalMuShRom

    in a word… crap

  8. @albam47 the battery is still in the back just its blocked off from access
    so watch out

  9. @calhounf281 Hahah huh?

  10. first of all i dont want want a ps3 and i really dont care how much memory
    it is

  11. @MegaJake11 yeah, figured it would of been just wasnt sure, and that
    definatly makes me get a white one, i hate smudges, makes it look dirtier…

  12. dude psp 3000 is way better

  13. @MegaJake11 oh ok..

  14. nope the first names right

  15. the entire video, all i could think about is the fat kid eating it. keep
    you kielbasi fingers away from it.

  16. i got a case so my psp is not going to get dirty

  17. i am getting one but not sure about the colour??? the black one is more a
    finger print magnet, but the white one gets dirty rubber stopper things….

  18. @123kissfan i know right

  19. @rambodude19 But the Pearl White cost 300 kr (30 dollar) more then the
    Piano Black

  20. @mycoolgoodvideos if you want the white than get the white you just have to
    clean it alot more

  21. amtraksouthwestchief

    is this jacob vetter?

  22. @basanta8 i can only think of the umds and the battery swapping but then
    again if i thought the 3000 was better i would have kept it and never got
    the go

  23. that all depends on you. if you already have alot of games most people dont
    get it. if you dont have alot of games i would say get it

  24. it’s not the only backround u can get for free u can download anyone u want
    from the internet browser

  25. thank you for sticking up for me

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